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Downtown Magazine
October 2015

In our newly released fall 2015 issue, we featured Cos Bar; a luxury cosmetics shop with a twist; cosmetics are served with a side of compassion.

The new downtown hangout is taking up residency at Brookfield Place, and after its initial installation among the sea of lavish brand names, the beauty shop is having an official grand opening with founder, Lily Garfield, making a debut, on October 16th.

Cos Bar at Brookfield Place marks the brands 14th location, and first ever in New York. AND, you can attend the grand opening for the grandest city on earth. By rsvping on the CosBar website, you'll be able to mingle, meet the owner and learn about her compassionate ethos. Garfield's incentive to open shop was solely for customer satisfaction, telling us at Downtown Magazine, "We promote the customer, not the brand."

The festivity will include champagne, mini-facials, makeup applications, beauty demos and a gift with each purchase. Plus, 10% of all in-store sales will be donated to Cancer and Careers.

Downtown Magazine NYC article
By: Yasmine Rimawi

Charleston Weddings
July 2015

Some couples are plain fun. One sign? The first (or close to the first) vendor booked for their wedding is their party band. So it went for Annie and Davis, who returned to their beloved Charleston (where both had vacationed for ages) to exchange vows and celebrate in grand style.

But before the fun-loving duo got to the dance-off portion in their love story, a few other chapters came first. After having met in 2008 at a friend's wedding, they dated long-distance with Annie in the Big Apple and Davis in Charlotte, North Carolina. In time, the two moved to Santa Monica, California, for work (he’s in sales; she’s been in nearly every facet of events, from planning to stationery and staffing) and settled in, evolving into an inseparable couple and becoming parents of a beloved pup, Dempsey. Two years in, Davis received a transfer back to the Tar Heel State and knew he had to cook up a plan to pop the question.

After packing the moving truck and cleverly having all their apartment utilities shut off, he suggested they head to their favorite beachfront hotel for their last night on the West Coast. "I had no idea he had been planning this for weeks," she says, "or that he had already booked the best room in the hotel, one overlooking the Santa Monica Pier." They drove the truck over, checked in, and hit the porch for a sunset cocktail where Davis dropped to one knee and proposed.

The next three days were spent driving cross-country with Annie rattling off wedding details and reveling, she says, in Davis' undivided attention. By the time they'd made it to the East Coast, she knew she wanted to enlist Tara Guérard as a planner (she had styled Davis' sister's wedding, and as one in the event industry, Annie had been a huge—huge—fan of Soiree for years) and that they wanted to host the wedding in the Lowcountry. Another must? Hiring Simply Irresistible as their band.

"Besides getting married," explains Annie, "the second most important thing was for our guests to have the best time possible. We wanted to make it a night they’d never forget." They booked all their requisites (including the band) and were stunned with a 90 percent invitation acceptance rate (most out-of-town weddings average 60 to 70 percent). What started out as a "smaller" wedding had ballooned into a nearly 400-person blowout at Hibernian Hall. The couple balanced things out with an intimate Friday rehearsal dinner ("Making Waves"), and then hosted a self-described "huge" wedding on Saturday. "It was the best of both worlds," says Annie. "And we still have people raving about how much fun they had."

Charleston Weddings Party People
Courtesy of Charleston Weddings
Images: Corbin Gurkin

Meg O on the Go
May 2015

It's been months since I've done a favorites video. I think it's been since January! FAIL. Anyway, I thought it would be fun instead of trying to play catch up, I would talk about all of the products I've been using the past couple of months and whether or not I would recommend them. The raw footage for this is over 35 minutes long, but I’ve condensed it into two videos under 12 minutes! We've got a lot to talk about, (we're talking over 25 products) so I’m doing it the best way I can. Get those wish lists out and ready to go. There's a lot of good things you'll want to write down!

Also, there are some cameos in this video. Caroline makes an appearance right at the beginning and Katie and her son are towards the end when they FaceTime me!

By: Meg O.

Scottsdale Business & Life
November 2013
Scottsdale Business & Life
By: Scottsdale Business & Life

She Knows Beauty and Style
October 2013

Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the beauty industry's best experts? You're about to find out! Over the next few months, I'll be chatting all things fashion and beauty with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Up today? Cos Bar owner Lily Garfield.

SheKnows: What are your top three beauty essentials?

Lily Garfield:The Clarisonic gently exfoliates and cleans your face thoroughly while stimulating skin. Creme d'Olives is a great product for women over 50. It softens the skin, prevents wrinkles and brightens the skin, creating a more elegant glow. Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Renewal Creme is a basic moisturizer that softens, hydrates the skin and allows the foundation to stay on and not change colors.

SK: Beauty products are expensive sometimes! For the gal on a budget, what in your opinion is worth splurging on and what's better off saving on?

LG: Invest in sunblocks. Not all sunblocks are created equal. Not all drugstore and mass produced sunblocks do the job intended. Many pass the FDA requirements but don't necessarily give optimal coverage.

SK: Which celeb do you think nails it every time with her makeup?

LG: Halle Berry gets it right every time. She is flawless every time she steps out whether it is on the red carpet or the playground with her child. She can wear very minimal makeup and still look like the glamorous movie star that she is.

Lily Garfield

SK: What's one piece of beauty advice you've learned on the job that you'll keep with you forever?

LG: From my own personal experience, I would say whether you are pregnant, just gave birth or are going through chemo, you must always define your lips and eyes. The lips and eyes are communication tools and the first thing another person will notice on your face.

SK: What's your best tip for staying beautiful on the go while traveling?

LG: I would suggest always carrying a sample size of your favorite moisturizer while traveling that you can pat on your face to rejuvenate and plump up the skin. You want to avoid rubbing, as that will take your makeup off, and focus just on patting and pressing it gently into your skin. I would also recommend Amore Pacific's Skin Renewal spraying mist.

In terms of traveling and packing your makeup, I would recommend sticking with all creams and solids. Bringing a compact foundation and/or creams versus liquid will save you from the high altitude pressure explosion that causes most liquids to leak all over your belongings.

By: She Knows Beauty & Style

June 2013

We're bound to make the century mark, thanks to the buckets of olive oil we consume. Now we’re dousing ourselves with the magical fruit in the name of beauty.

Cos Bar—an Aspen-based chain of high-end beauty boutiques—just opened its first Midwest shop in Highland Park. After the closing of the North Shore's Saks Fifth Avenue last year, Cos Bar is the new spot for finding brands such as La Prairie and Darphin.

It's also the only place in Illinois where you can find our newest beauty obsession: a pistachio-green face cream.

Creme d'Olives is exactly what it sounds like: a rich skin-care formula that's green in color thanks to two key ingredients, circulation-boosting olive leaf and pea extracts. It makes no wild claims about "erasing fine lines" or "plumping skin cells"; this is a straightforward moisturizer that's so luscious you need only a dime-size dab to cover your face, eye area and neck.

You also won't smell like a perfume lab. Made in Barcelona, Creme d'Olives contains no added fragrances—it comes by its herby, slightly floral scent naturally. A jar of the super-hydrating cream costs $145, but we're starting with the lightweight lotion version ($105) for summer.

Long olive our fresh complexions.

By: Pure-Wow
Creme d'Olives

Allure Magazine
February 2013
Going Downhill
Allure Going Downhill
By: Allure Magazine

Live Well Network
February 2013

The perfect nude lip can look elegant and effortless. However, the wrong shade can actually make you look worse. Here's how to choose your best buff!

"It's effortless. It's sexy. It's clean. You're going to see it at the gala, you're going to see it while you're at the grocery store," says image consultant Cliff McAden of The Cos Bar.

Although it looks easy, there are some know-how's!...

By: Live Well Network

Wise Choice
June 27, 2012

When celebrities like Kate Hudson and Heidi Klum holiday in Aspen, they visit Cos Bar beauty boutique! Cos Bar was started in 1976 by Lily Garfield and quickly became the go to hot spot for everything beauty. While Cos Bar is a beauty palace for fashionistas, the products often come with a hefty price tag.

I have exciting news! Now you can get a taste of the Cos Bar's stylish take on beauty without luxury brand prices. Cos Bar has teamed up with Target to offer a line of nail polishes, body wash, scrubs, lotions, body butter, cleansing towelettes, false lashes, tweezers, scented soaps, etc. all under $20.00 each!

By: Is it a Wise Choice? Video from Austin Live

Aspen Times
June 25, 2012

ASPEN — When Lily Garfield opened her first Cos Bar — in Aspen in 1976 — she had little idea of how far the business would take her. As it turns out, the boutique took her very far: There are now 12 stores in eight states, and most recently, Cos Bar was featured in the new The Shops at Target.

"I haven't been able to put my hands on it; it's been so surreal," said Garfield. "I still have this little-girl reaction when someone says they saw Cos Bar at Target., 'Really, did you buy something?!'...

By: The Aspen Times

Gloss Daily
May 23, 2012

Headed out of town for Memorial Day? It's always a puzzle trying figure out exactly what to pack—especially in your makeup bag. Our theory is, the safer the better. So if we're going to haul more that we really need, it's probably best to pack small. We went to Lily Garfield, founder of the beauty apothecary The Cos Bar, for tips on what not to leave behind. Plus a few perfectly sized travel items from her new Shops at Target collection. Happy packing!

By: Gloss

May 14, 2012
Watch Lily and Oliver Garfield discuss the success of Cos Bar's line for The Shops at Target on ABC NEWS 4's "Low Country Live"!
By: ABC NEWS 4's "Low Country Live"

Shops at Target
April 20, 2012

We've been talking about The Shops at Target for months, but for those of you who remain unacquainted, here is what you need to know about the new design platform's five boutiques, shop owners and their upcoming collections: The Candy Store, Polka Dog Bakery, Cos Bar, Privet House and The Webster.

Soon enough, the masses will get to know each shop in a new commercial, airing this Sunday, April 22. That's right—The Shops are getting the VIP treatment with their very own Target commercial. Take a sneak peek at the spot below ...


Shops at Target
April 20, 2012

Target always has cool collaborations where you go batty counting the days until they appear. Guess what! They're at it again! On May 6th, Target unveils their newest: The Shops at Target, online and in stores nationwide.They've partnered with five specialty stores for limited edition, affordable and way too cute items. They are: Cos Bar, The Webster, Privet House, The Candy Bar and Polka Dog Bakery.

Cos Bar is run by founder Lily Garfield and her son Oliver. The first store was in Aspen in 1976 and you can now find stores in eight states. The stores are full of prestige beauty products, beautifully packaged.


April 2012
Beauty Buzz. A Cult Line Goes Mainstream
By: Allure Magazine

Style Goes Strong
March 30, 2012

Lily Garfield knows a thing or two about taking care of your skin. She's a pioneer in the beauty boutique industry, having opened her first cosmetic and skincare Cos Bar emporium in 1976. Now, with a total of 12 locations dotted throughout the U.S., she's a living example of how doting on your skin can make you look younger.

She tests every single product before it hits The Cos Bar's shelves. In this way, it needs to get the Lily stamp of approval before it's sold.


Beauty High
March 28, 2012
Collaborations have become trendier than actual designer labels themselves. From the recently announced Altuzarra for J.Crew collab to Targets bevy of collabs (with everyone from Missoni to Jason Wu) we now not only look forward to the next pairing, but plan out how to be the first one through the doors on opening day.

Now, Target has decided the lifestyle brands need to get into the collaboration game, and will be releasing The Shops at Target coming in May. From brands such as The Candy Store and Cos Bar, they'll be bringing us products from upscale specialty stores at affordable prices.
By: Beauty High

Shops at Target
March 26, 2012

Lily Garfield began her foray into cosmetics where many makeup mavens start—behind the beauty counter. But she didn't stay there for long. The New Yorker-turned-ski bum quickly became Aspen's cosmetics queen and opened up Cos Bar on Main Street in 1976, one of the first independent beauty boutiques in the country.


Vail Daily
February 9, 2012

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado — Cos Bar, an Aspen-based company that has shops in Vail and Edwards, is part of a new program Target stores will roll out in May.

According to an e-mail from company spokesman Evan Miller, the program, called "the Shops at Target," will put limited-edition items from five specialty stores into Target stores around the nation. Miller wrote that the Shops at Target items will be "affordable limited-edition collections designed and co-created by the shop owners."

By: Vail Daily

Shops at Target
January 12, 2012

Target announces the latest design partnership program, The Shops at Target!