Aletsch: White Enamel Serum


Aletsch sets the new standard for a natural, healthy white that looks as good as it feels.

Aletsch whitens up to 10 shades with continued use. Your teeth are noticeably whiter, brighter, and silky-smooth - like you’ve just had them polished. Our patented WX Formula gives your teeth a more youthful, healthy appearance and helps protect them against stains and discoloration from food and drink. Unlike other whitening treatments, peroxide-free Aletsch is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. It also whitens porcelain crowns and veneers.

  • Whitens teeth up to 10 shades without stripping or dulling them
  • Peroxide-free formula is gentle on sensitive teeth and gums and won’t erode enamel
  • Safely whitens porcelain crowns and veneers
  • Swiss-made and sustainable
  • Vegan, clean and cruelty-free

How to use: For best results, use just before bedtime.

1. After brushing with Edelweiss toothpaste, use your fingers to gently draw back your lips to reveal your teeth. 2. Lightly dry your teeth with a soft cloth. 3. Using the included applicator brush, apply a thick layer of Aletsch to each tooth, extending the gel over your gum line. 4. After applying, keep your lips drawn for 10-15 seconds. For maximum benefit, don’t rinse the whitening gel from your teeth and gums. 5. Avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes after application. 6. Apply Aletsch for a week and repeat the treatment after one month to maintain results.

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