Artist Approved Brush Set


Set value is $232

An artist-curated lineup of five best-in-class, travel-size brushes for start-to-finish makeup application. Wrapped in a luxe carrying case that's ready to gift and go.

The set includes

  • Travel-size Full Coverage Face Brush 
  • Travel-size Angled Face Brush 
  • Travel-size Eye Shadow Brush 
  • Travel-size Angle Eye Shadow Brush 
  • Travel-size Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush 
  • Brush Case

How to use: Travel-size Full Coverage Face Brush: Begin by brushing on foundation around the nose, then gently blend onto the rest of the skin. Be sure to add extra coverage where there's any redness. Travel-size Angled Face Brush: Use the flat edge of the brush to apply powder highlighters and finishing powders all over the face. Use the tapered edge of the brush when you want to add highlights to specific areas of the face—cheekbones, nose, chin, and forehead. Travel-size Eye Shadow Brush: Pick up eye shadow and gently tap off excess. Sweep over lower lid or from lashline to crease. Travel-size Angle Eye Shadow Brush: Use to apply all Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow formulas. Travel-size Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush: Dip the tip of brush into gel or powder eyeliner and apply as close to the lashline as possible. Reapply for a thicker line, if desired. For wet lining, dampen brush slightly, then pick up powder formula.

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