B21 Extraordinaire Absolute Treatment Lotion


This powerful cellular enhancer is the essential first step towards skincare and “opens the doors” of the cells to its active ingredients.

  • Restores cellular mechanisms, promoting communication and proper functioning
  • Provides the 21 essential amino acids fundamental to rebuilding a dense and youthful skin
  • Creates an environment of ideal hydration at the cellular level
  • It stimulates the skin's natural defenses
  • Enhances the effectiveness of all anti-aging treatments
  • The skin is more vital, radiant and young
  • Exclusive Reset Complex
  • 21 amino aids extracted from Pale Blue Iris stem cells
  • Vegetal moisturizer complex

How to use: Apply lotion morning and evening on cleansed skin. Pour the product into the hollow of the hand. Apply to the face by tapping with your fingers. Finally, make slight pressures with the palms. Do not apply to the periocular area. Proceed with the products of the right beauty routine.

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