B21 Extraordinaire

100% of 100

An innovative approach to anti aging.

To Reset: to make changes so that a machine will work again or work in a different way.

Orlane ambition: bring the skin's cells to a younger condition so they will function as young cells

Based on Orlane's unique "Skin Re-education" concept, Orlane laboratories based their expertise on the amazing potential of the skin itself. Our formulas have been developed to improve, maximize or restore the skin's natural mechanisms that weaken with time, environment or lifestyle.

B21 Extraordinaire contains an exclusive complex that

  1. Reduces a toxic protein, Progerin, that distorts the cells architecture.
  2. Protects the telomeres which extends the cell’s life expectancy.
  3. Stimulates Sirtuins increasing mitochondrial activity of the cell which extends cell longevity.

In addition, the B21 Extraordinaire contains Organic Pale Blue Iris stem cells which provide the skin with the 21 Amino Acids essential to rebuild the structure of the skin.

Beauty Result: A global action on all signs of aging. Wrinkles visibly fade, expression lines appear diminished, skin becomes radiant, dark spots fade, skin is firmed and hydrated within a voluptuously addictive texture.

Use Morning and Night, after cleansing/toning. B21 Extraordinaire can be applied alone, or in combination of a serum and/or cream to boost the benefits of the other products.

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