B21 Renaissance Cream


Tapping into nature to find the most advanced science for your skin’s youth and rebirth.

Based on this principle, Orlane has researched and developed B21 Renaissance Cream, the most advanced anti-aging skincare product.

It’s secret: a patented technology that obtains 21 amino acids for the organic Pale Blue Iris. Precious oil of Chios Tears that activates a new youth protein, and one of the latest discoveries of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine: a finely micronized Blue Sapphire powder that stimulates antioxidants in the skin.

The youth protein reactivates cell activity enhancing the restorative effectiveness of amino acids, which are essential components of firm and tight skin. The synthesis of collagen and elastin increases, strengthening the architecture and density of the skin. The virtuous synergy will breathe new life deep down into your skin.

Smooth, radiant skin regenerated from the inside.

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