Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion

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Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion is an ultra-hydrating and beautifying emulsion that enhances skin's natural radiance and suppleness to evoke the look of youthfulness.


  • MOISTURIZES This ultra-creamy emulsion contains numerous moisturizing and nourishing key ingredients. The skin feels plumped, soft, and comfortable.
  • BEAUTIFIES The Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion envelopes the skin in a perfecting veil with an instant and long-lasting effect. The skin looks irresistibly more supple and luminous, and its natural glow is enhanced. 

This creamy, rosy emulsion is as comfortable as a balm, as silky as an oil, and as light as water. Its non-greasy texture is immediately absorbed and allows to dress immediately after application. The iconic and addictive scent of the Black Rose collection, with delicate hints of Rose, envelops the body with a sensation of well-being.

How to use: Apply morning or evening on clean, dry skin using light strokes over the entire body. Immediately, skin feels smooth, softer and more luminous. The body has a satiny finish.

Day after day, skin feels plumped, suppleness and elasticity of a youthful skin appear restored. The body’s skin looks beautified, its natural radiance increasingly restored.

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