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Blender Defender


It was beginning to feel like an age-old, unsolvable problem – what do you do with your damp Beautyblender if you need to transport it.

The original Beautyblender has quickly become a beauty phenomenon; with its elliptical shape and super-strong sponge material allowing for flawless application of foundation, primer and BB/CC creams, it's a definite makeup bag must-have. Yet, no one wants a soggy sponge in their make up bag – enter, the Beautyblender Blender Defender!

An ultra-convenient protective case, this houses your Beautyblender perfectly – it features a vibrant pink lid and a black base, plus super-cute little Beautyblender-shaped ventilation holes to help dry your sponge and prevent the formation of bacteria.

How to use: Use to carry your Beautyblender safely and securely.

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