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Cos & Effect: A foundation focus

By Cos Bar 7 days ago 1514 Views

Foundation: after skincare, it's the base to all makeup. We wax poetic about our foundation selection here at Cos Bar, from liquid to powder, matte or dewy. It’s a personal preference that’s all your own. While finding your correct shade is an essential step, the application plays a considerable role in how your foundation looks and settles in. Vanessa, the Store Manager at our flagship location in Aspen, gave us a quick tutorial on how to apply foundation flawlessly.

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Parisian Beauty Rules

By Cos Bar 15 days ago 2636 Views

The allure of French beauty can’t be denied. Red lips, poreless skin, tousled hair... We love our Parisian brands and celebrate the chance to showcase their unique style. It’s not out of the ordinary to drop by one of our stores and see our specialists emulate that certain je ne sais quoi which seems so effortless in Paris. With years of makeup artistry experience, and a self-proclaimed Francophile, our Store Manager Ilona from Edwards, Colorado shares a few Parisian beauty rules to live by.

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Cos & Effect: Multi-Masking Made Easy

By Cos Bar 21 days ago 1316 Views

What can we say, we’re suckers for customization. Why approach skincare with a one-size-fits-all mentality when you can target your specific needs? Multi-masking means using different products to address particular concerns for maximum efficacy. Maybe you’re feeling dry on your cheeks? Perhaps your t-zone is a bit oily? This week’s Cos & Effect tutorial focuses on Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask on the t-zone and Patchology Eye Patches under the eyes. Dorian, our store manager in La Jolla, California, makes multi-masking easy!

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Cos & Effect: A how to for your everyday spring look

By Cos Bar 28 days ago 3386 Views

Cos & Effect, our tutorial video series, is back to bask in the spring sunshine! When the temperatures rise, so does our desire for fresh tips and an everyday spring look. Our Edina, Minnesota Store Manager Mandy shares some insider secrets for getting that effortless spring glow. First up: spray a Beauty Blender with Chantecaille’s Rose Water. Another pro-tip? Roll the blender while applying foundation for a seamless application. Discover more of Mandy’s tips by watching the complete tutorial.

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Inside Our Masterclass with Kirsten Kjaer Weis

By Cos Bar 1 month ago 2352 Views

The ever-expanding natural and organic beauty world continues to captivate our attention. At Cos Bar, we carry only the very best natural beauty lines, with high-performing, long-lasting products. One of our favorites: Kjaer Weis. The brand has an impressive collection and a cult following that is growing by the day. Not only organic, sustainable, and natural, Kjaer Weis emphasizes best-in-class formulas and immaculate design (who doesn't love the chic sleek mirrored compacts?). Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the founder of the brand, joined us at Cos Bar Brentwood for a masterclass this week. One thing is certain: this thoughtful, performance-based brand delivers a glow that's truly magical.

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