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Time-saving beauty tips

By Cos Bar 2 days ago 25 Views

Does this sound familiar? Your alarm goes off and you “literally just can’t even” this morning, so you hit the snooze button a few too many times. We’re all guilty! Sometimes you’re pressed for time, wake up late, or you’re just too busy- but no one wants to look like they’re lacking on their beauty rest! This week on Cos & Effect, Store Manager Amber, from our Wailea location, is sharing a few get-ready-quick products and tips on how to save time on the days you only have a few minutes! So don’t worry, hit snooze at least once.

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Catching up with Doctor Rogers, founder of RESTORE

By Cos Bar 8 days ago 774 Views

Everybody longs for a do-it-all product- and good ones are hard to find! We’re talking products that can heal burns, tame brows, and much, much more! Dermatologists and medical professionals are no exception to this search, but there's a fine line between safe products and effective products. Doctor Heather Rogers, a Seattle-based Dermatologist, was sick of using subpar products, so she set out to create her own hero. That’s how RESTORE by Doctor Rogers was born!

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A cheat sheet on what to get Dad for Father’s Day!

By Cos Bar 16 days ago 1525 Views

Dads...they can be so hard to shop for! While Father's Day gift guides tend to fixate on father favorites like ties, whiskey and things for the office, we think the men in your life could use a bit of a beauty update. Check out what our CEO, David Olsen, and COO Oliver Garfield are peeping for Father’s Day!

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National Cancer Survivors Day with our founder, Lily Garfield!

By Cos Bar 21 days ago 1083 Views

National Cancer Survivors Day is an opportunity for cancer survivors to connect with other survivors, celebrate milestones, and acknowledge the contributions of the families, friends, healthcare providers, and researchers who have supported them along the way. It's a day for cancer survivors to stand together and show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be meaningful, fulfilling, and inspiring.

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Cos & Effect: An eye cream focus

By Cos Bar 22 days ago 1067 Views

At Cos Bar we don’t keep beauty secrets- we share them! This week’s edition of Cos & Effect features the 411 on eye creams and how to apply correctly... because we all want to look bright-eyed and awake. You know, that ‘I just got 10 hours of sleep’ type of glow. Your eyes are one of the first places to age due to the wear and tear from smiling, squinting and rubbing (spring pollen is upon us!). Enjoy a guide on caring for your eyes from Maria, Store Manager at our Brookfield Place store.

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