Allure’s Senior Beauty Editor shares her selects for the holidays

By Cos Bar 1 years ago

Jess Chia, Senior Beauty Editor at Allure
Photographer: Hannah Choi

Beauty editors have the opportunity to try it all. The latest skincare, the best lipstick... you name it, they’re the first to test and report. Cos Bar is partnering with Allure this holiday season and their Senior Beauty Editor, Jess Chia, rounded up her favorite products and schooled us on what’s hot for the holidays.

Q: What are your three absolute must-have winter skincare essentials and why?
A: Sunscreen, always and any time of the year, but especially in winter. Even though you’re exposed to less light, there are studies that show that even brief exposure sets off an inflammatory reaction that lasts for hours. Lip balm, of course (I love oil-based ones—I don’t feel the constant need to reapply) and a good peel pad. It keeps my skin radiant even when there’s not a lot of moisture in the air.

Q: Do you have a hairstyle that you love for holiday parties? Any products included?
A: I love big, voluminous curls, like the ones women wore in the early 90s, with a big side swoop and probably an off-the-shoulder dress. The trick is using the smallest curling iron you can find (probably three quarters of an inch) and curling small sections of your hair before letting them cool to set the shape and combing it out with a wide-tooth comb. You’ll get these big, beautiful curls. I’ll even backcomb to make it a bit bigger. It’s a look that could be dated, because we’re in this era of safe, spiral waves, but it comes off as unexpected and special.

Q: What beauty trend are you most looking forward to wearing during the holiday season?
A: There are two makeup duos that really can’t be matched, for the holidays: Classic red lips and a gleamy cheekbone, and nearly-black plum or oxblood lips with peach blush. The former makes your whole face look bright and youthful, the latter is super-sexy and a little dangerous-looking, which is a fun juxtaposition to a cuddly sweater.

Q: What are your go-to products for your day to day beauty look?
A: I rarely wear a full face of foundation (and if I do, It’s Shiseido’s Synchro Glow, which looks convincingly like you’re wearing nothing). Instead, I typically dab Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Concealer over any scars or imperfections, and move right on to highlighter and bronzer. Then, the main event: eyes. I wear eye shadow pretty much every day of the year, but I also have super-oily lids, so I’ll prep them with a primer. Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Base is one of my favorites. I like my lashes to be as thick and long as possible, but it’s a tall order if you also want to wear a clean formula—Kjaer Weis’ mascara is the rare unicorn that delivers on both fronts. And then I finish with a lip. Lately I’ve been wearing Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in 01 Rouge Tatouage, every single day. It’s the thinnest, most pigmented red I’ve ever tried. It has the texture of a sheer stain and the color payoff of a matte lipstick bullet.

Q: What's your favorite way to transition your look from day to evening?
A: I swipe a bit of olive or brown—never black—shadow across the crease of my lids to add depth and smokiness, apply a few extra coats of mascara over the top of whatever I already have on (you need to use a pretty wet formula to make this work), and then run my angled liner brush along the mascara wand, so I can layer it over my liner for a more intense effect. Then I’ll dust my whole face with powder just to take the day’s shine off.

Q: What is your post-party skincare routine before bed?
A: I double-cleanse every night, even nights when I’ve been out late. I use an oil cleanser first, to remove as much of my makeup as possible, then follow up with an acid-containing or foaming cleanser, to give a deeper clean and remove any pollution/grime/makeup residue that’s left over. I wear gel eyeliner because it never comes off, but then it never comes off—I always have to follow up with a Q-tip and micellar water to get the last traces, and then I’ll just smear on a facial oil and go to bed.

Q: What beauty product are you gifting this year?
A: The Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Everything about this plush rose mask is dreamy. Which is exactly what a holiday gift should be.

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