November 2018

How to give the perfect skincare gift

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Someone once said that having beautiful skin is a commitment, not a miracle. We have to absolutely agree because using the right skincare products and being consistent is a proven way for young, healthy and radiant-looking skin. We all know and love someone who is absolutely mad for skincare. We call them skincare addicts. The question is, what gift do we get the skincare addict? The person who probably has every cream, serum and mask imaginable but still wants more.

Let us help you find the perfect gift for the skincare junkie in your life!

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How to get the perfect gift for the luxury lover

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Who doesn’t love a little luxury in their life? We are so obviously biased because we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for luxury beauty buying and of course our mantra has always been beauty elevated. But even we know how difficult it can be getting a luxury gift for the girl who has everything! These are women who want (and rightfully deserve) only the best of the best. We’re here to help you find your way through our thousands of luxury items and find just the perfect item for the luxury lover in your life.

Let us guide you to gifts for the girl who has everything!

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How to shop for the Wellness Guru this holiday

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All-natural, all the time. We all have loved ones on our gifting list this year that are all about a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to them, we want to be mindful that our gifts are not only useful and thoughtful but also align with their values and wellness goals! We love how this day and age we can find almost anything that is natural, paraben-free, non-toxic, have no added preservatives and the list goes on. As we know more and more about ingredients, it is apparent just how important it is to use products that feel good to the skin and body. However, it may be hard to navigate within these products to find the perfect gifts for the wellness guru in your life (or if you’re a wellness-lover yourself) this holiday season.

Let us guide you to the best presents for wellness-lovers!

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How to shop for the Fragrance Buff this holiday

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First things first, let’s identify who a fragrance buff would be. These are your loved ones who not only love fragrances but have an attachment to them. They would usually have a number of favorites, have a different scent for every occasion (of course), greet and remember others by how great they smell, as well as own a fragrance table or some sort of display that showcases their prized possessions. Sound like someone you know?

Picture-perfect skin with Natura Bissé in Barcelona!

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One of the last stops on my European tour was a quick trip to Barcelona to catch up with our friends at Natura Bissé.

My morning began with a tour of the Natura Bissé offices. Just a short ride from the city center, the offices are located in Parque Tecnológico del Vallés. In addition to meeting the team, I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at their research laboratory, production facilities, and fulfillment centers. Learning about the product development process was one of the most fascinating parts of this visit.