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Two simple steps to achieve healthy, hydrated, and transformed skin? We couldn’t believe it either until we tried Vintner's Daughter, skincare powered by nutrient-rich botanicals. To discover the secret, we chatted with April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner's Daughter on everything behind her two award-winning products and approach to skincare.

Q: Starting from the beginning, how was Vintner’s Daughter born?

A: Vintner’s Daughter was born from a deep passion and respect for the innate wisdom of our natural world. It is this respect that compels us to honor the transformational power of botanicals on our skin. Our formulas always begin with the world’s highest quality and most nutrient-dense whole botanicals whose powerful actives we gently extract using both ancient and new technologies. As a result, every drop of our products deliver profound nutritional value to affect lasting health and balance in the skin.

Q: Your products take significantly longer to create. Can you please tell us a bit more about that and why it is so important?

A: Our formulation process is a study in the methodical attention to detail and adherence to the highest levels of quality. Uniquely, we begin with whole plants sourced from conscious growers around the world. They are amongst the most nutrient-dense botanicals in the world and have been revered since ancient times for their transformative, healing properties. Our time-honored formulation methods occur over the course of weeks versus industry-standard hours, and ensure that the full spectrum of these incredible plants’ skin-beautifying nutrition is captured and delivered to the skin with every drop. As a result, our formulas are made from the same nutritive structures as the skin and are able to communicate in a deeper way to amplify the skin’s own powers of healing, regeneration, and balance, to create real and lasting change.

Q: For someone who isn’t familiar with your 2 award-winning products, how would you describe them?

A: With Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, we created a new category of skincare driven by whole-plant nutrition that delivers transformational health to all complexions. Their formulas were developed to be complimentary, so that in two simple steps, your skin could receive everything it needs to be its very best. Active Treatment Essence delivers multi-level hydration and nature’s most powerful water-soluble nutrition, while Active Botanical Serum delivers nourishing and restorative moisture and nature’s most effective oil-soluble nutrition. Together, they properly feed, hydrate and moisturize the skin in two simple, and powerful steps.

Q: Once people use Vintner’s Daughter, they are a devotee for life. What is the secret?

A: Our approach to skincare rests in a deep reverence for the ancient wisdom and transformative power of plants.  At the heart of both our products is our proprietary 21 Day Phyto Radiance Infusion, which is the secret to our transformative skincare. We uniquely begin with the world’s most nutrient-rich whole plants. By leaving these gorgeous whole botanicals to gently infuse for three weeks in a temperature-controlled environment, our formulas capture the full-spectrum of their healing nutrients in the most optimal ratios. Just as your body is more resilient, stronger and healthier when eating a beautiful whole plant diet, so is your skin when our whole plant skincare is being used.

Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum affect change at a foundational level by accelerating the skin’s own powers of regeneration, balance, and healing. Even better, the results compound over time and skin becomes more healthy, resilient, and strong with every use. Used one after the other, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum create the bedrock foundation for your most balanced, healthy and resilient skin.

Q: What was the inspiration for the name of your brand‚ Vintner's Daughter, is it named after yourself?

A: I grew up in a winemaking family and am a vintner’s daughter, but the name actually is in honor of my own daughters. It was when I was pregnant with my firstborn that I realized the so-called “luxury” skincare I had been using was filled with low-quality synthetics and fillers.  It was then that I set out to create a true luxury skincare brand built on the same old-world principles of quality, craftsmanship and integrity as the world of fine winemaking I grew up in. This was the genesis of Vintner’s Daughter.

Q: Why the focus on Hydration and Moisture?

A: Hydration and moisture are often mentioned interchangeably, but knowing the difference can unlock a deeper understanding of what your skin needs to thrive. Simply put, water hydrates and oil moisturizes. A healthy radiance requires both, and delivering optimal levels of hydration and moisture is at the very heart of our two-step routine. Active Treatment Essence delivers powerful multi-beneficial hydration while Active Botanical Serum delivers nourishing multi-beneficial moisture. In two simple, and powerful steps your skin receives everything it needs to be its most healthy, balanced and radiant.

Q: As a brand, you take your social and environmental impact seriously. Can you please tell us more. 

A: We exist to not only impact your skin in the most beneficial ways, but to have a positive impact on the world. Social and environmental responsibility are infused into every aspect of our business, from sourcing and packaging to distribution, voluntary certifications and donating 2% of revenue to charities benefiting women, children and the environment. This way of operating requires more time and resources, but we believe it is the best way to do business. We are proud of the strides we have made but also for our customers and stockist partners. Your and their conscious decision to invest in products made with a sense of responsibility and respect for each other and our planet is what allows us to continue this work. We are deeply grateful for this partnership.


Thank you, April, for sharing with us everything behind Vintner's Daughter. We love how simple yet powerfully effective the two products are, which speak to the perfectly crafted formula. We are so excited for the launch of Vintner's Daughter at Cos Bar and know that you’ll love it as much as we do!




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