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By Cos Bar 1 years ago

Today, the beauty space is heavily focused on a combination of beauty and wellness. Supplements, potions, and dusts have flooded the beauty scene as a way to improve one’s hair, skin and nails. Our Dallas store, along with Modern Luxury Dallas Editor-in-Chief Kristie Ramirez, hosted a panel of local experts who shared their insider tips in each of their fields. This week on Beauty Elevated: The Blog we share some of the highlights from our discussion.

Heather Connelly, our Senior Director of Merchandising and Buying, always has a pulse on the latest and greatest trends in the beauty realm. During the panel she shared the excitement of some of our newest brands and latest trends. "A ton of our bestsellers are actually new brands. Miriam Quevedo (a treatment-centric haircare line), doctor-based skincare lines like Zelens, and niche fragrance lines such as Vilhem are flying off the shelves. Natural is another trend that won't be going away any time soon. Tata Harper and Kjaer Weis contain a significant amount of active-ingredients, never compromising on quality. We also see a lot of our more scientific brands reformulating with the safest, most potent ingredients."

Sapna Punjabi Gupta, a Culinary Dietitian and Ayurvedic Wellness expert, introduced us to balancing beauty and wellness and preached that beauty starts from within. She believes in spices to treat common ailments like inflammation, especially turmeric, coriander and and cumin (turmeric lattes, anyone?). "Simply put—Ayurvedic means science of life or knowledge of life. It's a combination of many aspects of your life as a whole."

Joanna Czech is the esthetician to meet in Dallas and NYC, and with more than 30 years of experience, she is famous for her A-list clientele and customized treatments. Her method incorporates a nourishing approach to skincare that includes diet, comfort, and relaxation in addition to cutting edge technologies. She discussed the importance of marrying this combination for the best results. Joanna shared "although skincare is very important, 70% of it is what you put in your body. So what you're eating and drinking really matters- that's not a myth."

Finally, our Dallas style expert, Courtney Kerr, shared a few of her favorite products like Cle de Peau’s Le Serum for a major skin upgrade. With nearly 300k Instagram followers who closely monitor her digital magazine, Kerrently, she is a go-to resource for the latest makeup and complexion products. Courtney focused on how Instagram is a great tool for women to find new products. "I did this tutorial video with a Tom Ford foundation from [Cos Bar], but only on half my face... my Instagram blew up! Girls were totally obsessed, asking 'where do I get this, it's life changing! This is so good.' It's very cool to see how much beauty resonates when it's shown on social media!"

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