Beauty Teammates to help you achieve your fitness goal

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Ready, set, go! These beauty products are going to cheer you on during your fitness goal so you can power through to the finish line. We have multifaceted beauty products, each with different strengths, that form a gold medal-winning team. From natural deodorants to chic silk hair ties, we picked your partners carefully to have your back. So lace up and get ready to make a home run towards your fitness goal.

Teammate #1: Slip Skinny Scrunchie

So long are the days of having a kink left in your perfectly styled hair after a workout. These silk scrunchies use the highest grade of mulberry silk, which negates hair damage and creases. The specially selected high-quality elastic of the Slip scrunchie will also keep your hair out of your face during a rigorous workout. Not only are these scrunchies amazing for practical reasons, but your ponytail is about to look incredibly chic.

Teammate #2: Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant

Don't sweat any odor issues while working out with the Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant. The herbal blend of lavender, rosemary, and sage essential oils neutralizes odor and also has antibacterial properties. It’s also an all-natural and aluminum-free deodorant that takes the worry out of absorbing chemicals into the body while being active. So sweat away, because this deodorant is in full defense mode.

Teammate #3: Clé de Peau Beauté Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Sheets

These makeup remover sheets by Clé de Peau Beauté are a must-have for your gym bag. The towelettes are incredibly soft and even remove waterproof makeup. Use before or after a workout to feel fresh-faced and ready to tackle any challenge.

Teammate #4: Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is going to save your hair from excess washing. Skip the rinse and spritz this onto your roots to instantly absorb oil and impurities after the gym. No white residue and Oribe’s fragrance-retention technology will have you smelling wonderful all day. Another perk? This dry shampoo has properties that soothe the scalp and restores the strength of hair.

Teammate #5: HUM Über Energy®

It’s after work and you’re tired but you’ve committed to going to a workout class with a friend. You don’t want to drink coffee because you won’t be able to sleep and going to the gym simply sounds horrific. We’ve all been there - HUM Über Energy® is about to turn this narrative around. These supplements contain a dose of healthy ingredients to keep energy levels consistent throughout the day. No energy crashes or highs, so you can feel balanced and look forward to taking that class with your friend.

Teammate #6: Shhhowercap

Shhhowercap has given the ordinary shower cap an extreme makeover. Not only are these shower caps stylish, but they have also been redesigned with function in mind. They repel water and dry in seconds which allows you to avoid the situation of a soggy gym bag. Pick from an assortment of patterns and actually feel excited about putting on your shower cap!

Teammate #7: AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam

Is there anything better than washing your face after a full-body workout? Not only is it immensely satisfying, but it’s also a crucial step to prevent bacteria and oils lingering on your face post-workout. Treat yourself to the AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam as it lathers up like a fluffy cloud onto the skin. This cleanser is incredibly refreshing and you will instantly feel rejuvenated with its botanical extracts that energize skin radiance.

Teammate #8: Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist

We lied, this might be the best step yet after a full-body workout: misting your face with the ultimate Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist. Elongate your after gym glow with this ultra-hydrating and calming face mist. Packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients and skin-loving vitamins to soothe the skin as you wind down from your workout.

Are you ready to tackle your fitness goal with these 8 amazing beauty teammates by your side? If so, get ready to sweat more, worry less, and look fabulous while achieving your goal!


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