Believe it or not it’s almost daylight saving time, here’s your guide.

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Do you want to maximize your extra hour of beauty rest next weekend? Our Edina Store Manager, Mandy, is sharing her bedtime rituals with us, because there’s no such thing as too much beauty sleep.

When it comes to beauty rest, there’s no question of its importance. I start with my bedding, because I love to be comfortable when I sleep and there’s nothing better than a Slip Pillowcase. They’re ideal for stopping crazy bedhead, preventing aging and just being cozy when you sleep. I’m a pink gal, so pink is lways my go-to color. I also use a Slip Eye Mask to block out any light that may seep in through my window. I’m what you’d call a princess sleeper. The mask also helps my eye treatments deliver better results. I love to burn a candle while I'm getting ready for bed because it helps relax me. Michael Aram’s Olive Branch Gold Candle is my all time favorite. The scent fills the room and feels very natural. The packaging is also gorgeous.

I love using a sleep mask if my skin needs some extra TLC. My secret to glowing skin is Chantecaille’s Jasmine and Lily Healing mask. It’s not classified as a sleep mask, but I always use it as one. Apply it after you cleanse and tone and you’ll wake up with renewed and brighter skin. When you apply the product at night it gets deep into your pores. Finally, right before I hop into bed, I spray a classic, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It’s essentially encapsulated lavender that helps you get a deeper, better sleep. It puts you in a zen state of mind and enhances your mood every morning. I use it every night, so it’s always kept on my night stand. Finally, my last rec for sleep (or lack thereof): if you’re suffering from a poor night's sleep, pop on patchology eye gels in the morning to make you look alive! If you’re really sleepy take it a step further and put them on prior to a cat nap and wake up looking like you got your full 8-hours.

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