Catching up with Doctor Rogers, founder of RESTORE

By Cos Bar 8 months ago

Everybody longs for a do-it-all product- and good ones are hard to find! We’re talking products that can heal burns, tame brows, and much, much more! Dermatologists and medical professionals are no exception to this search, but there's a fine line between safe products and effective products. Doctor Heather Rogers, a Seattle-based Dermatologist, was sick of using subpar products, so she set out to create her own hero. That’s how RESTORE by Doctor Rogers was born!

“I was finding that all these highly suggested products from the medical community were bad for you. It was totally shocking! When I realized that, I set out to create something safe for my clients. something I would feel comfortable putting on my kids.”

Doctor Rogers stated creating formulas in her bathroom that would heal and hydrate the skin. These formulas were plant-based, sustainable and most importantly, they were safe for you with no harmful ingredients.

“When I started to formulate RESTORE, I knew I wanted the formula to be moisturizing, protective, but also safe. We stumbled across so many different equations but finally got it right with very few ingredients.”

One of those ingredients is Castor Seed oil, which is commonly used in beauty to grow hair, but also has extreme healing properties. RESTORE can be used for a plethora of different things- and it’s kid-friendly.

“My kids are obsessed with the product! It’s great for eczema, diaper rashes, and soothing red faces. It is completely safe to swallow or put anywhere because of its plant-based nature. We were so mindful of every aspect of the product, from the packing to the container. Everything is better for the environment and eliminates our carbon footprint. Plant-based ingredients are sustainably grown, packing is made from 100% recycled materials, and we don’t test on animals.”

So, our biggest question… What are some RESTORE pro beauty tips!?

“It can literally be used for anything! Tame and grow your eyebrows with it, use it on your lids as a gorgeous eye gloss. Personally, I am obsessed with it on my lips to hydrate them. It’s great to put on dry skin in the winter months for extreme hydration. There’s nothing you can’t do with this product and that’s what’s so exciting- the sky's the limit.”

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