Celebrating Earth Day with #BeautyElevated that gives back

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As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded of just how important it is to care for the environment. We live in a time where we often forget to appreciate what mother nature has given us. This day is here to remind us to celebrate clean air, land, water, and perhaps a little beauty. Read on to find out how some of our favorite beauty brands have given back and how you can make a difference as well.

The Chantecaille family is deeply passionate about the mounting crisis of global warming. Their key belief is that the effect of trees on the atmosphere has proven to counteract these warming effects, making young forests the hope for the future of our planet. The Attenborough Foundation has pledged to create an "Attenborough Canopy" and plant trees in Kenya as a protective measure against the growing crisis of global warming. Chantecaille has valiantly joined in their initiative by committing to planting a tree for every sale of Lip Cristal lipstick.
Source: https://chantecaille.com/pages/climate-change

Tata Harper
Tata Harper Skincare began in a 1,200 acre organic farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont in 2010. They believe in no outsourcing and no shortcuts with their own people, on their own farm. The majority of their packaging is also made of highly recyclable glass. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative label on a few of their boxes lets us know that the package’s materials came from a responsible source. They use 100% post-consumer materials and recyclable soy-based ink for printing. They call their whole approach to skincare the farm to face movement, giving love to naturally derived botanicals from day one straight from their plants to our skin.
Source: https://www.tataharperskincare.com/open-lab

La Mer
La Mer is committed to supporting the protection of ocean habitats for generations to come. They continue their mission by helping safeguard marine protected areas through charitable donations through the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund and awareness-raising initiatives, in hopes to ensure a future of flourishing seas. Additionally, each year, La Mer team members around the world lead an effort to clean their local shores and beaches. They value how even small acts of participation can make a huge impact on the environment.
Source: https://www.cremedelamer.com/blue-heart

Bioeffect holds the belief that water is necessary for all aspects of health, including beautiful skin. Their island nation, Iceland, is home to a multitude of glaciers, lakes, and rivers, and the surrounding ocean is particularly pure. The water they use in their zero carbon footprint greenhouse comes from their own natural spring and is geologically filtered through inert volcanic lava. That same water is used in their cult-favorite serums to ensure the purest formulation.
Source: https://bioeffect.com/blogs/news/world-water-day

We are so grateful and honored to be partners with brands that give back to the world in their own ways. It reminds us just how important it is to embrace nature and take care of it in any way that we can. Even a simple gesture like where we choose to spend our dollars means more than we realize. Thank you La Mer, Chantecaille, Bioeffect, Tata Harper, and more for showing us what true #beautyelevated really means.


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