Celebrating Women Everywhere

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Happy International Women’s Day! We are so proud of our strong female foundation in this industry. We’re sharing some inspirations straight from our founder, Lily Garfield, and some of the remarkable female beauty brand founders below. Read on to see why and how we run the world.

Lily Garfield
Founder of Cos Bar

Own your own boundaries, make your own reality, and be persistent in what you want. Be creative, stay creative. Never let anyone tell you what can or can't be done.

Dr. Heather D. Rogers
Founder of Doctor Rogers RESTORE

Believe in yourself and support those around you. View others' successes as proof that amazing things are possible for you if you stick with it. You just have to stick with it.

Jenny Patinkin
Bestselling Author & Founder of Jenny Patinkin Makeup Brushes

Listen to your instincts. There are so many outside voices and influences, and so many different paths you might take - but at the end of the day, doing what feels good to you will lead you to success.

I'm so lucky I get to do what I love to do, but calling myself successful would feel like I've reached the end of the road, and I'm nowhere near done yet.

Sylvie Chantecaille
Founder of Chantecaille

My proudest achievement is independence, being able to create a company without outside funding, being able to help the plant and the most endangered animals, and creating my own tribe.

To all women: don't fret! It's going to happen - just be confident in what you know is right and don't let others dissuade you. If you know, you know.

Tata Harper
Founder of Tata Harper Skincare

It is important to listen to the experts and industry best practices, but that doesn't mean that it’s the way it has to be. It is REALLY important for entrepreneurs to know that those set of rules may not always apply with what you are trying to do and that is ok. Don't be afraid to follow your gut!

Being successful to me means making positive impact on people's lives whether it is big or small. I think also that with your work in is important that you become a catalyst of change to elevate other people.

Amanda Chantal Bacon
Founder of Moon Juice

Being successful means creating something bigger than yourself with its own momentum.

Dr. Barbara Sturm
Founder and CEO of Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare

Seek help from other women and give help to other women.

Thank you, ladies for your words of wisdom and for being an inspiration to women everywhere.
We couldn't be more grateful to be #beautyelevated with you!

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