Cleansing, Cleaning & Practicing Good Beauty Habits

By Cos Bar 2 years ago

It’s never too late to pick-up a good beauty habit (or two!). Cleaning your brushes, cleansing, and keeping squeaky clean is the difference between glowing and dull skin. Beauty Specialist Kalli, from La Jolla, has rounded up a few products that make practicing good beauty habits a breeze.

I recommend cleansing twice a day. Bobbi Brown's one-step oil cleanser is your ticket to dream skin. The jasmine flower extract is sourced directly from France and works to give a deep clean you can notice. I use it morning and night as the first step in my routine.

Dental care is super important to me and this is honestly the best toothpaste I’ve used! Marvis is imported from Italy and their whitening formula keeps my smile bright & white. Plus, the stylish tube is something I look forward to seeing when I brush.

For my body wash I like to stick to a scent that’s comforting. I love that Molton Brown’s Coco Sandalwood Body Wash locks moisture in my skin. The complex scent takes me on a mini-vacay in my shower.

Finally, and quite possibly the most underrated ‘good beauty habit’, is cleaning your brushes. My favorite brush cleaner is actually a cleanser by Clinique.

It removes all the makeup from my Artis Oval 7, foundation, concealer and blush brushes with just one pump. We recommend washing your brushes once a week and giving them a deep clean once a month.

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