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As much as we would love to live a stress-free life, there will always be some ups and downs. Although lifestyle tweaks such as getting enough sleep and exercise are important, there are times when you just need a little boost to feel your best! That’s where the Nue Co. comes into play -  supplements made with clean, sustainable, and effective ingredients that can drive real results! We received expert advice from Flo Glendenning, The Nue Co. VP of Product, on adding supplements to your routine to help tackle stress, stay focused, and boost your immune system.

Q: What are some long term effects that stress can cause to the body and mind?

A: For too long mental and physical health have been looked at in isolation which has further fuelled the assumed disconnection between how we ‘feel’ and our health. Stress is a great example of this – as anyone who has been through a stressful period can attest, it is not just a symptom that exists in our heads. Long term or continually elevated stress has a physical impact on so many aspects of our health, and has an impact on everything from sleep to memory, libido to gut health and immunity.

Firstly, our gut is literally connected to our brain by one of the largest nerves in the body, the vagus nerve. Studies have shown that stress inhibits the signals sent through the vagus nerve and can cause gastrointestinal problems, and we know that one of the most consistent triggers for IBS is stress. There is also growing evidence to suggest that stress can impact the balance of good and bad bacteria in our microbiome which can lead to bloating, gas, or digestive issues. Continually elevated stress can also leave us depleted in certain minerals and vitamins, namely magnesium which is essential for the functioning of our nervous system regulating sleep, and zinc, crucial for immunity and adrenal support.

Q: Which supplements from The Nue Co. would you suggest taking to relieve stress?

A: MOOD is the perfect product for evening out the highs and lows caused by repeated spikes in cortisol - we call it a daily multivitamin for your mood. The formula works in two ways by lowering cortisol levels and supporting the metabolism of key mood-related hormones (serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin). Research shows that key nutrients and vitamins in our diet can influence how we feel, namely Vitamin D and B Vitamins. MOOD delivers over 100% of the daily dosage of these key vitamins, paired with a clinically-studied Ashwagandha extract known for its ability to help the body adapt to stress and proven to decrease overall everyday stress by 62% within sixty days.

For instant stress relief, I would recommend FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE, our anti-stress supplement in the form of a fragrance. It uses olfactory triggers researched by the University of Geneva’s Brain & Behaviour Laboratory to instantly de-stress and calm, plus it smells incredible.

Q: Can you talk about how fragrance can play a role in easing stress or anxiety?

A: Scent is one of the fastest ways to alter our emotional state. With certain scents, we can influence our brain to release dopamine and serotonin in order to feel good. Of our five senses, scent is also the only one with a direct link to the important areas of the brain which control emotions. There have been some groundbreaking studies from the Brain & Behaviour Laboratory at the University of Geneva which show the chemical reactions in the brain triggered by various scents, essentially, how these scents make you feel. The basis of this research was used when creating FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE, which is a blend of scent groups proven to relieve stress.

Q: When can you expect to feel or see results from taking supplements?

A: The most important thing to remember when using a supplement is you will only see results if you use it every day, and I mean actually everyday! Our formulas are all designed to deliver serious results within 30-60 days using a combination of clinically studied extracts, patented technology and best practices from alternative medicine at substantial levels. On average, our products are 97% active ingredients, we don’t use questionable bulking agents, fillers or flavorings to ‘keep costs low’, instead we focus on clean, safe formulas and real results.

Q: What are some ways to boost the immune system?

A: Immunity is not something that can be switched on or off with the use of a pill. It’s important to remember that a good night’s sleep and monitoring stress is as important as a supplement when thinking about immune health. I do love our IMMUNITY formula, alongside medicinal Turkey Tail Mushroom it contains 100%+ of our daily Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it can be hard for our body to absorb. With this in mind, we pair our Vitamin C with a perine extract (the active ingredient in black pepper) which has been clinically proven to boost the absorption of Vitamin C by 52%.

Q: What is the difference between prebiotics vs. probiotics?

A: Probiotics are a delivery of viable bacteria to our gut, whereas prebiotics feed the bacteria that already exists in our gut. I always use the (slightly lame) analogy of the gut as a garden - imagine that the probiotics are the seeds you’re trying to plant, you need good soil to ensure your seed flourishes and grows. That’s where the prebiotics come in, they feed the good bacteria in our gut ensuring we have a good baseline, or in this analogy, soil to grow our new seed. Feeding the good bacteria in our gut ensures the new bacteria we’re adding in will multiply and thrive. There is growing evidence that suggests prebiotics are as important, if not more important, than probiotics in supporting a strong and healthy microbiome. We use a prebiotic and a probiotic in our bestselling PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC formula.

Q: Do you have any tips or tricks for calming the mind and body after a stressful day?

A: At the moment as we’re all working from home, getting outside is so important to me. Whatever the time, whatever the weather, I take a walk at the end of the day – even ten minutes (often in the rain!) helps me to disconnect from the day. Cooking is a real de-stresser for me and it’s the time my brain switches off, ideally followed by a chat and a glass of wine with my husband as we eat. I love epsom salt baths and I buy huge tubs of it online, as it’s a great way to up your magnesium.

From tackling stress to boosting your immune system, we hope this blog helped you gain some ideas on ways to incorporate supplements, scents, or daily rituals to help you live your best life. A huge thank you to Flo Glendenning for sharing with us her immense knowledge and all of her expert tips! For more insights from Flo, make sure to join us on Instagram Live on Thursday, February 18 at 12 pm PT!



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