Forever and Always

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To our beloved customers,

As we are approaching Valentine’s day, we are constantly reminded of the importance of love, both in giving and receiving. When we first sold you that luxe lipstick and you came back saying you’ve never felt more beautiful, we knew we were in this for the long haul. We wanted you to know just how much we love you, but just as love comes in different shapes and forms, we had to break down exactly the different forms this love takes.

“The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” - Nat King Cole

Love is self-care

First and foremost, we have to love ourselves before we can love others. That is a simple and true fact that we should all live by. That means respecting and understanding yourself, and yes, pampering yourself! We want to remind you that beauty is not just skin deep - it goes beyond the sparkly and colorful products and the fancy packaging. It’s the confidence-booster, the calming agent, and definitely the tool for self-care.

Here are some of our favorite things to practice self-love:

Love is being taken care of

You are the reason we do what we do! The smiles on your faces after a makeover, an event, or a satisfied purchase mean the world to us. We are here to help you find your confidence and joy through beauty. We promise to listen to you, be honest with you, be loyal to you and always respect your wishes.

Here are some of your most-loved picks throughout the years:

Love is passion and drive

Our founder, Lily Garfield, epitomizes passion and drive. Back in 1976, when she couldn’t find the products she needed in Aspen, she found(ed) a solution. She had a passion for beauty, she took a risk, and she is the reason we are all here today. You can’t tell us that fire wasn’t sparked by love!

Here are some of our founder’s favorite things:

All in all, we just wanted to say that we love you from the bottom of our hearts and we thank you for all the love you’ve given in return. We wish you the happiest Valentine’s Day! You mean the world to us and we’re looking forward to a lifetime of being #beautyelevated with you.

Cos Bar


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