From Beverly Hills to Your Inbox

By Cos Bar 1 years ago

We stopped by the Lancer Clinic to meet Dr. Lancer, himself and get intel on the advice he gives his celebrity clients

Dermatology 101

Dermatology is the specialty of skin, hair and nails. So if you have an issue with your hair, the dermatologist is the place to ask questions. Your nails? The derm is your go-to. Of course, any skin issue as well.

LANCER Tip: Go to the dermatologist prepared. Create a list of questions prior to your appointment to make the most of your visit.

A skincare program, and I stress, program

To take care of your skin effectively it helps to have a skincare program, and I stress, program. Skincare that's not thought out is actually worse than no skincare at all. From your head to your toes, it's important to invest in a exfoliator, cleanser and nourishing moisturizer.

LANCER Tip: After you have the basics down, you can add advanced skincare as needed to reach your goals.

Best advice

Look in the mirror and focus on one thing you'd like to improve. From there, find a solution with your dermatologist, or a skincare expert to target and improve the issue. You'll see better results and be hooked on effective skincare.

LANCER Tip: SPF, SPF, SPF, always reapply!


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