Get to know the story behind Grown Alchemist!

By Cos Bar 8 months ago

Everything about Grown Alchemist reads as cool. Chic packaging, natural formulas, Australian roots, carefully considered containers...Grown Alchemist checks all the boxes. It’s a results driven skincare line that’s created a scientific approach to natural beauty. We took a moment to get to know the brand with Grown Alchemist’s co-founder, Keston Mujis.

When did you start Grown Alchemist?

“It was definitely the opportunity to break new ground and develop truly innovative, sophisticated products that provide better results than traditional skincare brands. We focus on formulating skincare with natural ingredients because our bodies naturally fight anything they regard as foreign or toxic. This reaction creates free radicals which we know greatly contribute to the aging process. Essentially, because these natural ingredients like Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, and advanced Hydrating actives are compatible with human biology, they have the ability to regenerate beauty with superior results.”

What are a few of these key ingredients?

“We like using key ingredients like Natural Peptides and natural versions of Hyaluronan – a natural anti-aging ingredient found in our body that depletes as we age. We use these highly innovative key ingredients because they are capable of revising the signs of aging.”

What's Grown Alchemist's point of difference?

“Our point of difference is that we’re formulating natural products that don't contain traditional skin-aging chemicals. We incorporate highly efficacious active ingredients that repair the skin with superior results. It is important to understand that all skincare is absorbed by the skin. Our philosophy is that the body recognizes natural healthy ingredients and utilizes them as such. Ingredients that are recognized as toxic by the body are rejected and this rejection process is what causes inflammation, which in turn contributes to the aging process.”

Your best piece of skincare advice?

“Cleanse thoroughly, detox your skin and don't risk your health or compromise on beauty... that means using products that contain synthetic and often toxic aging ingredients.”

What is your beauty message?

“Look young by living young and using healthy, natural, scientific products!

Our Grown Alchemist Favorites:

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Grown Alchemist
Matte Balancing Moisturizer
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Grown Alchemist
Hydra Repair Day Cream
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Grown Alchemist
Age Repair Lip Treatment:
Tri Peptide, Violet Leaf
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Grown Alchemist
Age Repair Eye Cream
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