Gucci Westman’s at-home beauty & wellness routine

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The one and only, Gucci Westman, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier shared with us (virtually) her daily at-home beauty and wellness routine. From supplements to getting ready for a Zoom call, Gucci shares her everyday tips that can be incorporated by all. Plus, we couldn’t help but notice how radiant her skin was on video - she shares how to achieve glowing skin in her routine! To watch the video version with Gucci Westman, head over to our Instagram @cosbar and check out our “Self-Grace” highlight. Without further ado, it’s time to get ready to add a little Gucci into your routine!

Supplements that Revitalize

“I alternate between a lot of different supplements, products, skincare and what have you. some of the supplements that I have been loving lately are Muscle Protect and Whole Body Collagen that I got from my doctor in Los Angeles. I take a scoop of both of these every day mixed in with Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and Magnesium which I can’t rave enough about! Other supplements that I take on a daily basis would be Vitamin D and Seed Probiotics. I also take some sort of green supplement so I alternate between the WelleCo and wheatgrass powder that I mix into a shake or the collagen muscle protect.”

Beautifying for Zoom Calls

“In terms of getting ready for a zoom meeting or conference calls, I like to feel a bit put together so I’m not just walking around in my pajamas! A game-changer for me is my Eye Love You Mascara. It just makes such a difference. It really brightens your face and your eyes of course. It’s simple and doesn’t feel like it’s overdone.

The first couple of days when we were at home, I was in my sweatpants I noticed for far too long. It’s almost the same feeling as not making your bed, it just feels sloppy and unproductive. I also feel pretty pale, so I’m definitely rocking the Peau De Peche and a little bronzer and a bit of Lip Suede in the lightest dusty rose shade. These little things make you feel like you’re natural yet still yourself, but just a little bit more refined and put together for these calls. This helps to not feel like you’re completely falling apart because we have to remain optimistic, don’t we? It’s pretty dire times, so we have to have hope that we’re learning from all of this. I do feel like I am able to spend more time exploring different wellness kinds of self-care options.”

Setting the Tone for The Day

“I like to start the day with either a shake, I usually make a shake for my husband and he likes the Clean Company Shake. I add blueberries, almond butter, and all kinds of things that he can’t taste! Sometimes I add half of an avocado, hemp seeds, a banana, and he loves it. So I start the day usually with a shake or gluten-free toast with almond butter, a little bit of honey, blueberries, and sometimes a kiwi and a homemade almond milk latte. I use compostable pods, Woken, that are really great for the coffee!

After that, I love to do a workout class earlier in the day. I’ve been doing the Taryn Toomey Live Stream Class and it’s incredible. It makes me feel so productive and lets me rid some of this anxiety that I feel like I’m holding onto. I also meditate and do TM (Transcendental Meditation). If I don’t do it in the morning, depending on when the baby wakes up, I absolutely do it in the afternoon. It’s only 20 minutes twice a day and it’s really helpful. After that, I have a shower and exfoliating is big for me right now. I feel like this allows you to be able to get rid of all dead skin and allow for newness. I follow with my little makeup routine, skincare, and that’s it. Then I do some conference calls and I’m actually late for one right now!”

Thank you, Gucci, for sharing with us your amazing tips to seize the day during these uncertain times. We couldn’t agree more about taking this time to explore self-care and other forms of wellness that extend yourself compassion and self-love.


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