Let’s Talk About Stress With Our Creative Director, Marissa

By Cos Bar 1 years ago

Being stress-free is essential for a happy mind, body and soul. Not only can stress take its toll on you mentally, but it’s a hazard to your beauty routine. Cos Bar Creative Director, Marissa is always at ease; she practices what we call ‘safe stress.’ She was generous enough to share a few tips and products to help us have a stress-free 2018!

One big thing- put down the phone! Turn it off. If you’re nervous about completely disconnecting, put your phone on airplane mode, and go spend time with your family, friends, and in my case, my three fur kids. Meditation puts my mind at ease, but I also have a few beauty secrets that are key to staying stress-free. A sheet mask never fails to relax me and Patchology has a mask for everyone. You can never be too hydrated, so I use the hydration mask. While I mask, I light my favorite Orange Blossom’ Jo Malone Candle… that’s when I take it all in and just chill. The scent brings me back to my childhood.

During my morning routine, I practice gratitude. I channel the feelings I want to have for the rest of the day to create space for good energy. Rituals Hand Balm is my lifesaver throughout work because I’m at a computer all day. I use it on my pressure points for a relaxing five star treatment. Philanthropic acts and being mindful of how I spend my dollar has made a difference on my stress levels. Chantecaille’s Save the Forest Palette has dream shades and they give back by supporting the Rainforest Alliance. In the evening, I use Linda Rodin’s Body Oil in Lavender as a foot mask. It helps me get a deep night’s sleep which is essential for a stress-free life. Finally, the best tip to practice safe stress is to take a media timeout. Take time for yourself, decompress, and focus on the people and hobbies that let you shine and add light to your life!

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