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We had the privilege of chatting with the founder behind the Doctor Rogers brand, Doctor Heather Rogers herself! Read on to see the inspiration behind the brand and the crazy hacks we could use the RESTORE Healing Balm.

1. What was the inspiration behind the healing balm?

I do surgery on the skin every day. Studies show that skin heals better when it is protected with ointment and a bandage. However, I could not find an ointment I felt good about recommending to my patients. The risk of an unwanted reaction with Neosporin, Bacitracin or Aquaphor is surprisingly high (up to 66%). Pure petroleum products like Vaseline are less likely to cause a reaction but fewer and fewer of my patients are willing to put fossil fuel on their healing skin. The natural alternatives often contain essential oils or fragrances, another common source of irritation. After a meticulous treatment, patients would have a complication to what they were using on their skin to supposedly help the healing process. I see these reactions regularly, they hurt, itch, and slow the healing process. I needed to make something better.

My rules were straightforward. It had to aid in healing, be plant-based (renewable, biodegradable), hypoallergenic, and have as few ingredients as possible. The journey started by simply researching healing ingredients. It then migrated to my bathroom sink, then to a lab, followed by three years of testing to ensure the product was safe. We completed all the same tests required by the FDA to be labeled an over-the-counter drug and finally a clinical study to prove its effectiveness. Through that, Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm (RHB) was born.

2. How would this product benefit for post-procedures?

We have data to show RHB speeds healing after a procedure with 90% of patients preferring it to the standard treatment of Aquaphor. It just works better. In the photo below from the study, you can see how much faster the RHB side of the face is healing compared to the other ointment after carbon dioxide laser.

Aquaphor on patient’s Right side, RHB on patient’s Left side.

3. In what ways can this product help children?

It is a miracle worker for eczema. As it is made from plant-based, food grade ingredients you can cover your child with it without worry! My son liked the way it tasted when he was little and would eat it. You can use it on chapped nipples when breastfeeding, to protect your child’s cheeks when introducing new foods, to prevent and treat diaper rash, chapped lips, scrapes, bug bites, bee stings, burns, road rash, eczema and so much more. And it does not sting, even when applied to raw skin.

4. What is the craziest way people have used/can use the healing balm?

I have a customer who loves RHB as a sexual lubricant. She and her husband are never without one of the foil samples just in case! The balm is perfect for this because its thickness allows a bit of friction before it warms up. Plus, as it is petroleum free, RHB does not break down the latex in condoms like Vaseline can.

5. Can it help people with tattoos?

RESTORE Healing Balm aids in the healing of all injured skin, including after microblading and tattooing. With RHB you get faster healing, a lower risk of irritation while protecting your new ink. Petroleum can fade tattoo ink.

6. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 items would you bring?

A lifetime supply of RHB, 15% zinc-based sunscreen and a snorkeling mask.

7. How do you use this product daily?

In the morning on my lips.

During the day on my lips, split ends, all the little dings life throws at me (scrapes, burns, papercuts, mosquito bites, hangnails). I also use it on every patient after skin surgery or lasering at my dermatology practice, Modern Dermatology.

Before bed on my lips, around my eyes, nails, and cuticles. I then mix it in with my face and body moisturizers for added hydration while I sleep.

8. Describe the best success story you’ve heard with the healing balm

I had a patient referred to me for treatment options after a blistered second degree burn from extra hot coffee. The plastic surgeon who saw her before me was recommending skin grafting. I had her use RHB under a bandage daily for 10 days and she healed without a scar. Makes me so happy!

9. What are some tips and tricks you want to share about this product?

Unless you use Aquaphor or Vaseline on a regular basis, the first time you try RHB you may be surprised how thick it is. RHB is not a cream, it is a restorative treatment for your skin. It is thick, protective and at times messy. But once you have experienced how quickly your skin responds to it, you are not going to care about how thick it is. You will LOVE it and wonder how in the world you survived without it in the first place. I use RHB pure on healing skin (cuts, burns, after procedures) but for dry or irritated skin I recommend mixing it 50:50 with your face or body cream to make it easier to cover larger areas while still getting those healing ingredients where they need to be.

10. Will there be product expansion we can expect this year?

Yes, but it is a slow, slow process. Any Doctor Rogers product has to be made of only hypoallergenic, plant-based ingredients and complete testing on volunteers (no animal testing) to prove it is safe before I will bring it to market. The product has to be effective and cosmetically elegant with as few ingredients as possible in 100% recyclable packaging. In other words, I have made it extremely difficult to expand the brand….but I won’t make just another skin care product. I started Doctor Rogers to make a better product to heal skin for my patients and RHB was so well received that I have decided to keep up the fight. I am working on more products and I hope to have at least one new launch this summer…..we are on version 14 but I think we are almost there.

Thank you Dr. Rogers for all the insight! It really is amazing to hear the passion behind the brand. We will absolutely try out all the different ways to use the Healing Balm now that we know it does MUCH more than just heal. :)


Restore Healing Balm Tube

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Dawn Ashbach 1 years ago at 11:46 AM
Love Restore. Keep a tube by my bed, in the bathrooms, kicthen, car, purse and ski bag. Great for preventing and treating dry winter skin.