Tata Harper’s skincare hacks, tips, & everything in-between

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Tata Harper, the Green Queen

The Green Queen herself, Tata Harper, shared with us her step-by-step AM & PM skincare routine for a glowing complexion with her 100% natural plant-based products. Tata covers everything from how to actually cleanse your face, layer products, and debunks common skincare misconceptions. To watch the video version with Tata, head over to our Instagram @cosbar, and check out our IGTV section. Now get ready to up your skincare game with Tata’s hacks and tips!

All About Cleansing

Tata Harper

“So in the morning, it's not like your skin is necessarily dirty, right? But what happens is that at night you produce a lot of cellular turnover. So you wake up and you have a lot of dead skin cells on the last layer of the skin. So I wake up and I love exfoliating with the Regenerating Cleanser. It’s gentle enough that you can use it every day to exfoliate what you've accumulated throughout the day.”

Nighttime Cleanser

“At night, I like to double cleanse. This doesn’t mean that I cleanse with the same cleanser twice, but I like to use two different types of cleansers that work differently. I like to start with the Oil Cleanser because oil cleansers are fabulous at removing pigment, dirt, and any big particles that are sitting on top of the skin. I then like to follow with the Purifying Cleanser which provides a deeper cleanse. I say that this is like a juice cleanse for your skin. This cleanser goes deep into your pores and removes pollution, which is the second leading cause of aging in the skin.”

The Art of Layering

“I am a big fan of layering and believe that there is a very specific way of layering. I like to layer from the lightest product to the thickest product. So, for example, that's why I always like to start with an essence. Essence is not the same as a toner. Toners are about astringency and drying out the skin, where an essence hydrates and is a penetration enhancer. I like to view them as a booster to your skincare routine.”

Layer 1: Essence

“In the morning, I like to use the Concentrated Brightening Essence. It’s a jelly sort of fluid and it brightens the skin. It’s also what gives you that glow. At night, I am more focused on retaining hydration in the skin. I love to use the Hydrating Floral Essence, which has a lot of different grades of hyaluronic acid that will continually bring hydration into the skin. Using an essence is a penetration enhancer, meaning everything that you are going to apply after will go deeper inside the skin.”

Layer 2: Serum

Tata Harper, Serum

“Now it’s time to add in your anti-aging products which are your serums and eye creams. For a serum, I use the Elixir Vitae Serum, which has 72 active ingredients that are 100% natural which give you the same results as injectables to the skin. These active ingredients help relax wrinkles and plump the skin. I use this all over my face and neck, morning and night.”

“For the eyes, I use the Elixir Vitae Eye Serum. I also use this morning and night. I start by putting a little bit on my finger and applying it all around the eye area. I often get asked by clients if they should be using an eye cream if they are applying an anti-aging serum around the eye. Although serums are beneficial, they miss specific concentrated ingredients for the four issues that happen around the eye area such as bags, puffiness, inflammation, and water retention. So if you’re having any of these issues, I definitely think eye cream is an important step.”

Layer 3: Moisturizer

Tata Harper, Moisturizer

“Now it’s time for moisturizers. In the morning, I use the Repairative Moisturizer because it’s really intense hydration, but light at the same time. At night, I like to use Creme Riche because it has a thicker and creamier consistency. In the winter, I sometimes use Creme Riche for both morning and night. It’s totally okay to change up your moisturizers because moisturizers are not really about cumulative results, but hydrating your skin in the present moment.”

Layer 4: Face Oil

“Oils are great for boosting results and they should always be your last step. Oils have large molecules that can usually penetrate other skincare products. It’s important to note though that not everything penetrates oil, so a lot of serums and eye creams won’t penetrate through oil. So again, applying a facial oil should always be your last step!“

Skincare Misconceptions

“A misconception that I hear a lot is that people think that oils are like moisturizers, so they entirely skip a moisturizer and go straight into an oil. This is not true! In order for your skin to be hydrated, you need water-soluble ingredients which is not what oil contains. Oils are like food for your skin. They provide wonderful sources of vitamins, minerals, and omegas.

Another misconception I hear is that we should be changing up our skincare products and routines because our skin gets “used” to it. This is also not true! You don’t get results this way. Consistency, like everything else in life, is really key to seeing actual changes.”

Thank you, Tata, for all of your amazing skincare advice! From properly cleansing to knowing which products to apply last, these tips can be incorporated immediately into anyone’s skincare routine!


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