The Best Wellness Products For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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It’s unbelievable how we’re nearly a whole month into 2019. Reality is starting to kick in that it’s a brand new year and we need to be more in tune with our wellness. It’s not enough to eat a salad every once in a while. We need real wellness boosters that will help our mind, body, and soul. And if it helps us look better, then why not? You can put as much makeup and skincare as you want but if your insides aren’t in good shape, your skin never will be. Read on to see our beauty specialists (more like beauty experts, really) share their top favorite wellness products that are just as delicious and beautiful as they are effective.

HUM Nutrition OMG Omega the Great

Ingredient Highlight: Omega 3 Fish Oil for naturally brighter and more even skin tone.

“Omega oils are so good for your body and skin! I am so impressed by how much this supplement helps reduce my inflammation. I take it daily with food and have really seen such apositive difference in my skin.” - Kip Meany, Cos Bar Scottsdale Store Manager

Moon Juice SuperYou

Ingredient Highlight: Organic Ashwagandha promotes a calm state of mind.

“I love it because, after consistent use, it has proven to improve my overall mood, focus, and energy levels. I've seen that in the last 3 months of taking it, my reactions to little day to day stresses like LA traffic has dissipated. Now I never miss a day!” - Marissa Berrini, Senior Creative + Content Director

This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil

Ingredient Highlight: Provencal Lavender to ease tension and insomnia.

“I am obsessed with this body oil. I use it nightly at the soles of my feet so that it travels all over the body to help me fall asleep. The lavender scent is so beautiful and the consistency is not greasy at all.” - Kella Manuel, Cos Bar San Francisco shop-in-shop Store Manager

8G Essential Greens Booster

Ingredient Highlight: Blue Green Algae rich in antioxidants vital for preventing cell damage.

“This little tablet is small but mighty and is great for boosting the immune system during this cold wintertime. I drop one tablet in a glass of water, let it fizz and enjoy. It has all the greens I need for the day and it tastes great!” - Elaine Truong, Newport Beach Beauty Specialist

These products will not only help you physically but mentally and spiritually too! Let’s make a promise that this is the year we all get in #beautyelevated shape, both inside and out.


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