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By Cos Bar 1 years ago

When one year ends, another begins, and that means new and exciting beauty is on the horizon. So while it’s very natural to wonder what’s ahead, it’s great to take your favorite beauty products with you into the New Year. Beauty Elevated: The Blog, focuses on our Managers' and Beauty Specialists' favorite products. Here are the beauty picks that received the most mentions on the Blog in 2017.

Vanessa, Store Manager, Aspen

Soleil Blanc has a summer vibe, but it’s feisty enough to wear in the fall and winter. This is a true classic that blends ambers and florals that come alive to create refreshing decadence. Tom Ford certainly knows how to create a timeless, classic— for any season.

Maria, Store Manager, Brookfield Place

8G is everything green and good the earth has to offer, but in a tasty portable tablet! I carry 8G everywhere – it picks me up when I’m feeling a little sluggish and gives me my daily dose of greens.

Mandy, Store Manager, Edina

There’s nothing better than a Slip Pillowcase. They’re ideal for stopping crazy bedhead, preventing aging and just being cozy when you sleep. I’m a pink gal, so pink is always my go-to color. I also use a Slip Eye Mask to block out any light that may seep in through my window. I’m what you’d call a princess sleeper. The mask also helps my eye treatments deliver better results.

Ranaye, Store Manager, Lexington

Another heavy-hitter I use to stay cool is Patchology Flash Patch Eye Gels. The eye-gels are super cool on the eyes. It gives them a burst of caffeine and hyaluronic acid for extreme hydration.

Shanna, Store Manager, Carmel

This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray is fast-acting and restores sleep to its natural patterns. It's great when you're on a plane, train, car, or hotel and need to get some rest. Every time I use it I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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