The perfect tropical home & body fragrance: A virtual vacation with Régime des Fleurs

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Waterfalls, ocean waves, a misty forest, are few of the places that the Régime des Fleurs Personal Space range for home & body will virtually transport you to. Alia Raza, founder of Régime des Fleurs shared with us her inspiration behind these magnificent scents that conspired after her trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Alia’s craftsmanship behind these fragrances are truly incredible as she draws from nature, history, and art. To chat and hear Alia’s story live, head over to our Instagram @cosbar on Friday, May 1st at 12 pm PT hosted via Instagram Live. Now it’s time to be transported to paradise and relax while discovering the perfect tropical scents!

Q: What inspired you to create Regime des Fleurs?

A: A lifelong passion for fragrance and beauty, a lifelong obsession with flowers and plants, and a lifelong fascination with France. I’d been an artist making films and videos, and I decided to incorporate fragrance into a show I did at a gallery back in 2013. After making that first perfume and loving everything about the process - from the ingredient sourcing to the formulating and blending - I decided to switch gears and start a real business combined with my creative art practice.

Q: How does your background as a filmmaker and video artist translate into your perfumes?

A: The inspirations for the perfumes are almost always visual. I’m inspired by films, paintings, architecture. The history of visual art. The visual splendor of the world we live in. It’s miraculous. I wanted to combine all that with my love of nature as well. I imagined a crumbling old European palace covered in blossoming vines. That’s how the brand identity was born.

Q: We carry the Personal Space range at Cos Bar and know that these were inspired by a trip to Hawaii. Can you take us on a virtual trip during your time in Hawaii through the scents?

A: From the moment I landed on the island of Oahu, my first impression was that I couldn’t tell where my skin stopped and the air began. It felt like I was one with the climate. Because of that, the fragrances are meant to be used on your body and in your environment.

The first evening at sunset the sky was the most vivid shades of pink and purple. It felt like I was in a Disney movie. Soon it became apparent the bottles in this collection should incorporate a two-color effect. There were so many colors, sights, sounds, smells and tastes that I experienced over my month-long journey, all of which inspired my perfumes.


The waves on the North Shore, where surfing was invented, has the most beautiful shade of turquoise blue and cobalt. Again I was struck by the colors. The sound of the waves crashing and the white sea spray inspired the most crisp and fresh scent in the collection, Waves. When you smell it, it feels like you’re drinking a cocktail and swimming in a tropical ocean garden.


The lei shops in Chinatown were a revelation for me. I smelled flowers and saw plants I’d never heard of before. After the lei is sewn, they’re hung in a big refrigerator. Our Leis fragrance is a cold refrigerated tropical white floral scent. You get the warm humid notes of gardenia and plumeria along with a rush of cool air.


One of the most bracing experiences I’ve ever had was swimming under a private waterfall on a new Hawaiian friend’s beautiful family property. The water pounded on my shoulders and the sound was deafening. Falls is a perfume that is bold and brisk. Everybody who smells it says the same thing, “I feel like I’m actually outside.”


Seashells don’t have an apparent smell, but their smooth texture and pale colors inspired the Shells fragrance, which is fresh but also creamy.


My favorite place on the island was Manoa Valley, where I did what really must be the most beautiful hike on earth. I was surrounded by wet, green, dripping, vines and mosses which were the inspiration for Vines.

The aim of this whole collection was to capture my month on the island and share it with others.

Thank you, Alia, for sharing about your background and taking us on a virtual tropical vacation via your amazing Personal Space fragrances. From the scents to the bottle, they are truly each a work of art. These five vibrant perfumes are such a unique way to bring the outdoors into your everyday life!


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