Celestial Black Diamond Neck and Decolletage Serum


Inspired by Dr Yannis’ Y-Lift Surgery - a cosmetic procedure that lifts the face, jawline and neck of the patient - this specialty serum is a topical solution to address visible signs of ageing across the area.

Extremely susceptible to sun damage, dryness and dehydration, the neck & décolletage possesses some of the thinnest skin on the body and requires a focused formula. This serum blends a high concentration of actives with our signature diamond delivery system that reduces pigmentation, laxity and transdermal water-loss. Visible signs of ageing are significantly diminished.

  • PEPTIDE COMPLEX: A powerful multi-peptide complex that works to lift, firm and tone the neck and décolletage area by stimulating collagen synthesis while reinforcing barrier integrity. Peptides also work to ease inflammation, reducing redness in the region.
  • LACTIC ACID: A gentle AHA that works to loosen the glue binding dead skin cells, Lactic Acid effectively smoothes textured skin and helps fade stubborn discolouration. The versatile ingredient also supports barrier function by stimulating ceramide production.
  • MOISTURE COMPLEX: An intensely hydrating complex that uses humectants and polysaccharides to draw water to the dermal layer and bind it in the upper dermis. The result is a plumper appearance and more supple feel to the skin.
  • NAC Y2: A blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vasoprotectors, 111SKIN’s signature complex ensures the skin works at an optimised function, neutralising free-radicals and brightening the area for a stronger, smoother and more youthful appearance.

How to use: Apply two to four pumps on the neck and décolletage area. Massage in upward motions. Use morning and evening.

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