Creme Royale Elixir


A luxurious pure youth concentrate of fresh Royal Jelly, 24-Karat Gold, and Stargazer Lily carries their powerful revitalizing and spot-reducing properties into the heart of cells. A powerful product for the ultimate anti-aging effect using unique scientific technology.

Fresh Royal Jelly
An elixir of youth, a symbol of eternal youth, Royal Jelly has always remained a mystery. Rising to the challenge of the secrets of Royal Jelly, Orlane's Research Laboratories have found a way to successfully deliver its abundant riches using fresh Royal Jelly guaranteeing its full anti-aging properties.

Orlane Exclusive Scientific Innovation
Royal Jelly is released in full to the skin, using a highly sophisticated and effective technology: the ""intelligent targeting of active ingredients. In free form for immediate effect.

Gradual, extended release thanks to a plant-based, micro-patch, micro-network In the form of nanophytospheres for a full, targeted release, deep down in the skin 24-karat gold. A precious, highly effective antidote to the visible signs of aging. To optimize fresh Royal Jelly's anti-aging effects, Orlane's Research Laboratories have also selected an invaluable active ingredient for its incredible antioxidant and protective potential: 24-karat gold.

Its regenerating and revitalizing properties reinforce the skin's defenses and resilience. Its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory qualities and its amazing "insulating" effect help the skin combat stressors and free radicals.

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