Equilibrium Biomimetic Skin Active Serum


A revolutionary nighttime serum that helps defend against visible signs of aging. This formula is powered by an advanced delivery system that releases ingredients at the most optimal levels throughout the night—the key time for cellular regeneration.

The Night Active Serum is formulated with the Hourglass Cell Balancing Complex™, a powerful blend of youth lipids that helps rebalance, restore and renew the skin barrier. This formula contains highly active molecules that are light sensitive and is designed to be used at night. Use with the Day Fluid to help maintain and defend the level of balance achieved with Equilibrium Biomimetic Skin Active Serum.

  • Cell BalancingComplex™ –A powerful combination of youth lipids (phospholipids and prolipids) that helps rebalance, restore and renew the skin barrier
  • Squalane–A powerful, hydrating antioxidant that absorbs quickly and deeply into skin
  • Angelica Root Extract–Helps soothe skin and restore its natural moisture barrier for renewed radiance
  • Dunaliella Salina Extract–A unique algae containing rich concentrations of carotenoids, antioxidants and essential vitamins that helps even skin tone, brighten the complexion and act as a free radical protector 

How to use: At night, apply 3–4 pumps to skin, massaging until product is fully absorbed. Equilibrium Biomimetic Skin Active Serum is a nighttime rebalancing product and should not be used during the day. Store in a dark place.

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