Giraffe Eye Quartet


Four flattering earth-toned neutrals that mix and match to create rich, defined eye looks. Giraffes across Africa are quietly vanishing. We are proud to help give them a voice—and a future—with Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Shade 1: Matte soft brown

Shade 2: White chrome pearl

Shade 3: Bronzy brown shimmer

Shade 4: Pewter Chrome pearl

How to use: Smooth on a wash of color with the the flat side of Shade and Sweep Eye Brush. Use the tapered side to blend and to highlight. Seamlessly sculpt the bridge/crease of the eye with the Eye Definer Brush. Pair it with a Luster Glide Eye Pencil to further define the eye. Earth for a deep espresso, Amethyst for a shimmering burgundy bronze and Jasper for a neutral, eye-catching bronze.

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