Glow Essentials Kit

100% of 100

Winner Cos Bar Beauty Award 2020
Best Complete Package

WHY WE LOVE IT: "All you need to get your skin a glow in a few easy to follow steps." - Michele, Cos Bar Charleston

Specializing in non-surgical, age-defying skin solutions, Dr. Sturm’s Düsseldorf clinic is something of a mecca to the skin-savvy, with many (including Kim KW) flocking there for her innovative treatments that strengthen and rejuvenate at the cellular level. No need to book flights to Germany to sample the magic – her must-have Glow Essentials Kit for positively glowy results includes:

- Cleanser (50 ml)
- Facial Scrub (20 ml)
- Face Mask (10 ml)
- Super Anti-Aging Serum (10 ml)
- Face Cream (20 ml)
- Glow Drops (10 ml) 


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