High Density Lift Cream

90% of 100

Considered an industry game-changer, this formula includes a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients that help minimize the look of sagginess and thinning skin while rejuvenating your complexion. This exceptional cream helps maintain an optimal level of hydration, improves firmness and enhances the facial contour. This innovative product is the ideal option to complement the results of non-invasive cosmetic solutions. Get ready to be amazed with the renewed appearance of your skin: fuller, plumper and… absolutely gorgeous.

Your best ally to fight sagginess

  • Restores the youthful-looking appearance of your skin.
  • Helps visibly firm the skin.
  • Minimizes the look of wrinkles, while providing a lifting effect.
  • Replenishes hydration for fuller-looking skin

This is the first ever cosmetic formulated with PDGF-Remodeling Complex, a ground-breaking ingredient of biotechnological origin, that helps restore the appearance of younger skin.

Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration, making skin look plumper and more flexible.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid helps create an invisible film of moisture on the surface of the skin, which helps reduce dehydration and gives the skin a fuller and softer appearance. 

How to use: First gently massage your face (forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes, nose, and chin) to help activate the skin and minimize the appearance of saggy skin. Then apply the product on your face from the center outward to the hairline, applying slight pressure. This technique enhances the tightening action of the product on the skin’s surface. Do not perform any additional massage.

To boost the lifting effect and maximize absorption, apply it before your weekly treatment mask.

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