Hyaluronic Serum Festive Edition


Dr. Barbara Sturm’s HYALURONIC SERUM is now available in a limited edition 100ML bottle complete with red packaging, making it the perfect gift.

Its custom blend formula with optimal concentration of low and high weighted hyaluronic acid molecules binds moisture and replenish skin, providing long-term hydration and more supple-looking skin. When used regularly, this serum is an effective means of reducing the look of wrinkles caused by dehydration. Short-chain molecules are able to penetrate into the skin and replenish moisture reservoirs for the long term. Long-chain hyaluronic molecules provide immediate intensive hydration to the surface layers of the skin to give a refreshing effect.

- Delivers a power-packed moisture kick with an instant refreshing effect
- The concentrated Hyaluronic Acid immediately softens the complexion and helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function
- Long-term effects include intense hydration and a reduced appearance in fine lines
- Can be used daily for well-hydrated skin, as a treatment to restore jet-lagged and skin exposed to the sun

How to use: Apply a few drops of the serum evenly to your face, eye area and neck before gently patting it in.

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