October 2016

A season of change! How to transition into the cooler weather

By Lisa, Carmel 2 years ago 833 Views No comments

As we near the end of October, we know cold, frosty weather is just around the corner. Your moisturizer that worked great all summer long might not be the best choice for the cooler season. Lisa from Carmel transitions her routine like a pro, and she has you covered from your hair to your toes!

- Lisa, Carmel

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Our resident smokey eye expert shares his secrets

By Constantine, Highland Park​ 2 years ago 867 Views No comments

Mastering the perfect smokey eye isn’t an easy endeavor, but it’s one makeup trick that every woman needs in her beauty repertoire. A subtle smoky eye adds a perfect touch of mystery that matches a cool, fall day. Our resident smokey eye expert, Constantine, from our Highland Park, IL location, breaks down the tools you need achieve this versatile look.

- Constantine, Highland Park

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The Best of Cos Bar Brushes

By Michelle and Ilona, Beauty Specialists, Riverwalk 2 years ago 828 Views No comments

We know a thing or two about makeup brushes, which is why we set out to launch our own line of fluffy, perfectly cut, artisan brushes. Our Beauty Specialists Michelle and Ilona from Riverwalk break down their favorites from our exclusive selection, and their favorite ways use them.

- Michelle and Ilona, Beauty Specialists, Riverwalk

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