January 2017

We’re doing XTREME beauty.

By Vanessa, Store Manager, Aspen​ 2 years ago 3999 Views No comments

Time to pack your suitcases! We're discussing extreme beauty with Vanessa, our Store Manager in Aspen, Colorado. Vanessa, likes to keep her Xtreme experiences off the ski slopes and in her beauty routine. These are the high-performance picks that are stashed in her beauty bag.

- Vanessa, Store Manager, Aspen

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The Art of a Natural Look

By Shannon, Store Manager, Vail 2 years ago 1427 Views No comments

How do you define a natural look? Shannon, from our Vail location, believes that no-makeup makeup is about embracing the features that make you unique and beautiful. Shannon shares her easy-to-follow guide to natural beauty.

- Shannon, Store Manager, Vail

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The Power of Fragrance: Candles, Diffusers & More

By Kip, Store Manager, Scottsdale 2 years ago 1080 Views No comments

The power of scent is often underrated. Scent can trigger emotion, memories and can impact your mood. Kip, from our Scottsdale store, teaches us how to utilize fragrance in your home, and of course, for your body.

- Kip, Store Manager, Scottsdale

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Your New Year Skincare Routine

By Jennifer, Store Manager, Santa Fe 2 years ago 930 Views No comments

Radiance lives within and, according to our Santa Fe store manager, Jennifer, 2017 is all about using products that treat your skin. Foundations, highlighters, and bronzers are part of our daily regimen, but to truly glow from within you need to start treating your skin. Meet the products that will bring in 2017 with a glow.

- Jennifer, Store Manager, Santa Fe

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