August 2017

Transitioning From Summer With Our Red Bank, NJ Beach Gal

By Cos Bar 1 years ago 2236 Views

Labor Day is a time to enjoy that endless summer feeling, but also a time to start transitioning to the cooler months. In the tri-state area, the end of summer takes a bit of preparation, both mentally and for your skincare and makeup routine. Ricki, Beauty Specialist at our Red Bank location, is a beach girl at heart, and likes to keep her favorite beach favorites in rotation, even while she’s prepping for the weather to cool down.

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It’s Time to Represent Your Cos Bar, See What’s Hiding in Our City Bags

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As our 41st birthday continues, we’re celebrating each store in a special way. That’s why we created City Bags for all our locations, to celebrate the individuality across the USA! From coast to coast, oceans to mountains, each Cos Bar store is as unique as their carefully curated array of products. This week, we’re sneaking into the City Bags of our first three stores and three of our newest stores. Check out the essentials our experts can’t live without and find out when you can get your very own City Bag, only available at our birthday parties.

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Take Your Seats, Class Is Starting

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Back to school, back to school! I know, we can’t believe it’s that time of year again either. Sending the kids back to school requires you to give up the little luxuries; you know, like sleeping in past 6:30am! Cicley, Beauty Specialist in Lexington, has learned that getting herself (and her son) ready in the morning takes a few key products and a little patience.

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Master the Art of Getting Ready for a Birthday Celebration!

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Each August we celebrate our birthday in a major way! We’re talking giveaways, in-store events, special surprises and more. As much as we love a good event, we understand that getting ready can be a source of stress. It’s only fitting our founder, Lily Garfield, has mastered the art of getting ready for big events. Here’s the 411 on how she gets ready to attend a soiree.

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