October 2017

Believe it or not it’s almost daylight saving time, here’s your guide.

By Cos Bar 11 months ago 2943 Views

Do you want to maximize your extra hour of beauty rest next weekend? Our Edina Store Manager, Mandy, is sharing her bedtime rituals with us, because there’s no such thing as too much beauty sleep.

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Is It a Trick… or Treatment?

By Cos Bar 11 months ago 2903 Views

Trick or treat(ment)! You know we looove good, indulgent skincare potions that may play a little trick on your loved ones - the good kind of trick - anti-aging and super-hydrating, resulting in frightfully good, glowing skin. Michelle, our Store Manager at Newport Beach, is an expert in the trick or treatment department, so she’s here to answer the question... is it a skincare trick... or treat? Or a little bit of both?

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Carving out Time for Those Cult Classics

By Cos Bar 11 months ago 4327 Views

In the wonderful world of beauty there’s a vast amount of products to choose from. It’s hard to separate the good products from the great products, and the great products from the cult classics. So, what’s a cult classic? These innovative products have stood the test of time and assembled an incomparable following. Katelyn, Beauty Specialist from our Lexington store, knows all about the elusive picks that have reached cult status. Prep your beauty bag for the very best.

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