January 2018

How to Look Flawless in Photos (No Filter Needed)

By Cos Bar 8 months ago 5396 Views

Social media, love it or hate it, is a part of the world we live in. At Cos Bar, we love it; from the very best wellness advice to endless inspiration—we can’t get enough! Our favorite rabbit hole to go down is of course, beauty. Angel, Beauty Specialist at Highland Park, is a pro. Nobody creates a flawless complexion quite like Angel does. Enjoy tips and tricks straight from our resident expert.

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Let’s Talk About Stress With Our Creative Director, Marissa

By Cos Bar 8 months ago 2865 Views

Being stress-free is essential for a happy mind, body and soul. Not only can stress take its toll on you mentally, but it’s a hazard to your beauty routine. Cos Bar Creative Director, Marissa is always at ease; she practices what we call ‘safe stress.’ She was generous enough to share a few tips and products to help us have a stress-free 2018!

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From Beverly Hills to Your Inbox

By Cos Bar 8 months ago 1261 Views

We stopped by the Lancer Clinic to meet Dr. Lancer, himself and get intel on the advice he gives his celebrity clients.

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A Skincare Q&A with Our Managers...

By Cos Bar 8 months ago 2274 Views

We’re hitting refresh and turning our resolutions into a lifestyle and, for us, that means updating our skincare routine. To get in the spirit, we had a Q&A with some of our managers to see what products they can't live without.

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The Most Mentioned Products from Beauty Elevated: The Blog!

By Cos Bar 9 months ago 6950 Views

When one year ends, another begins, and that means new and exciting beauty is on the horizon. So while it’s very natural to wonder what’s ahead, it’s great to take your favorite beauty products with you into the New Year. Beauty Elevated: The Blog, focuses on our Managers' and Beauty Specialists' favorite products. Here are the beauty picks that received the most mentions on the Blog in 2017.

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