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Discover Health and Wellness Secrets for Beauty from the Inside Out

By Cos Bar 6 days ago 143 Views

How many of us have definitely broken our New Year’s resolutions of healthy living-- whether it be diet, working out, regulated sleep, only having ONE glass of wine a day...

We know it can be difficult to keep up with, especially as our schedule seems to get busier and busier each day. But, fear not! Health and wellness can be easy and fun to incorporate into our daily routine. Now that we have our all-natural edit, it’s simpler than ever to pick and choose feel-good products from the best clean brands we love.

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Discover skincare secrets straight from Ibiza with Dr. Barbara Sturm!

By Nina Singh 13 days ago 891 Views No comments

Dr. Barbara Sturm may have gained notoriety from her Vampire Facial, but her line of products is equally notable. Targeting dehydration, inflammation and aging among others, it is no wonder these ingredient focused products have such a celebrity following. And with a growing demand for her services as well as in-person appearances Dr. Sturm can be just about anywhere in the world. During one of Dr. Sturm’s pop-ups in Ibiza I was able to sit down with her for a Q&A and experience one of her infamous facial treatments.

Makes Perfect Scents

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1192 Views

It's been proven that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and there is no time like summertime to create new memories! From spontaneous days on the beach, to the rooftop parties that feel like magical, endless nights, this summer is sure to be anything but ordinary!

We asked our Store Managers to name their must-have summer fragrances that will undeniably leave lasting impressions with whomever you meet.

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Moschino Resort + Men’s S/S 2019: Top 5 Takeaways

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1055 Views

Oribe Hair Care Co-Founder, Oribe Canales, played off the spectacular circus theme with an array of hair styles—from colorful and creatively cut wigs adorned with eye-catching hair pieces and hats to a tight twist that climbed up the back of the head.

The Cos Bar team was lucky enough to attend this magical event.

Click to read the whole story and see our top 5 takeaways from the show.

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Get to know the story behind Grown Alchemist!

By Cos Bar 3 months ago 1435 Views

Everything about Grown Alchemist reads as cool. Chic packaging, natural formulas, Australian roots, carefully considered containers...Grown Alchemist checks all the boxes. It’s a results driven skincare line that’s created a scientific approach to natural beauty. We took a moment to get to know the brand with Grown Alchemist’s co-founder, Keston Mujis.

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