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Cos & Effect: How to Create Glowing Skin

By Cos Bar 26 days ago 406 Views

Summer can only mean one thing-- bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and big sweaters! But before you grab your lighter makeup you stashed from last December, Natasha from our Oklahoma City store shares her tips for natural, radiant skin all year round! The warmer days may be winding to an end, but glowing skin is always in!

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Cos & Effect: A Serum for Every Occasion

By Cos Bar 1 month ago 302 Views

Great success starts with great skincare. While you are saving the world one hectic day at a time, your skin is fighting its own battles against the environment, diet and aging (to name a few). We recognize the importance of time-efficiency and have asked Ilona from our Edwards store to share her secret weapon serums that will effortlessly fit into your routine while providing essential protection for daily and long-term results!

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How to prep for summer-ready legs ☀️

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1430 Views

Summer is here, and we’re ready to grab our favorite sundresses and hit the town! Oftentimes, we want that sun-kissed glow, but are worried about sun damage and find our schedules too busy to lay by the pool as much as we’d like...

We asked Beauty Specialist Elaine, from our Newport Beach store, about her must-have products that will have everyone asking what tropical vacation you just returned from!

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Cos & Effect Presents: Summer Foundation Tips

By Cos Bar 3 months ago 1507 Views

We look forward to summer beauty tips each year! As we all know, looking primed, polished, and ready poses a challenge during the dog days of summer when the humidity seems to be at an all-time high! This heat can take a toll on your makeup, and since carrying a fan around 24/7 isn’t practical, there are a few tips we can share so you can stay looking fresh. Shawntel from our Woodlands store (right outside of Houston = HOT + HUMID) shares a few foundation tips to take with you to BBQs and on your long summer commutes. Enjoy her next-level strategy for prepping your skin to beat the heat.

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Cos & Effect: Time-saving beauty tips

By Cos Bar 3 months ago 956 Views

Does this sound familiar? Your alarm goes off and you “literally just can’t even” this morning, so you hit the snooze button a few too many times. We’re all guilty! Sometimes you’re pressed for time, wake up late, or you’re just too busy- but no one wants to look like they’re lacking on their beauty rest! This week on Cos & Effect, Store Manager Amber, from our Wailea location, is sharing a few get-ready-quick products and tips on how to save time on the days you only have a few minutes! So don’t worry, hit snooze at least once.

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