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Makes Perfect Scents

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1192 Views

It's been proven that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and there is no time like summertime to create new memories! From spontaneous days on the beach, to the rooftop parties that feel like magical, endless nights, this summer is sure to be anything but ordinary!

We asked our Store Managers to name their must-have summer fragrances that will undeniably leave lasting impressions with whomever you meet.

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Moschino Resort + Men’s S/S 2019: Top 5 Takeaways

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1055 Views

Oribe Hair Care Co-Founder, Oribe Canales, played off the spectacular circus theme with an array of hair styles—from colorful and creatively cut wigs adorned with eye-catching hair pieces and hats to a tight twist that climbed up the back of the head.

The Cos Bar team was lucky enough to attend this magical event.

Click to read the whole story and see our top 5 takeaways from the show.

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How to prep for summer-ready legs ☀️

By Cos Bar 2 months ago 1430 Views

Summer is here, and we’re ready to grab our favorite sundresses and hit the town! Oftentimes, we want that sun-kissed glow, but are worried about sun damage and find our schedules too busy to lay by the pool as much as we’d like...

We asked Beauty Specialist Elaine, from our Newport Beach store, about her must-have products that will have everyone asking what tropical vacation you just returned from!

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Cos & Effect Presents: Summer Foundation Tips

By Cos Bar 3 months ago 1507 Views

We look forward to summer beauty tips each year! As we all know, looking primed, polished, and ready poses a challenge during the dog days of summer when the humidity seems to be at an all-time high! This heat can take a toll on your makeup, and since carrying a fan around 24/7 isn’t practical, there are a few tips we can share so you can stay looking fresh. Shawntel from our Woodlands store (right outside of Houston = HOT + HUMID) shares a few foundation tips to take with you to BBQs and on your long summer commutes. Enjoy her next-level strategy for prepping your skin to beat the heat.

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Get to know the story behind Grown Alchemist!

By Cos Bar 3 months ago 1434 Views

Everything about Grown Alchemist reads as cool. Chic packaging, natural formulas, Australian roots, carefully considered containers...Grown Alchemist checks all the boxes. It’s a results driven skincare line that’s created a scientific approach to natural beauty. We took a moment to get to know the brand with Grown Alchemist’s co-founder, Keston Mujis.

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