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Forever and Always

By Cos Bar 22 days ago No comments

To our beloved customers,

As we are approaching Valentine’s day, we are constantly reminded of the importance of love, both in giving and receiving. When we first sold you that luxe lipstick and you came back saying you’ve never felt more beautiful, we knew we were in this for the long haul. We wanted you to know just how much we love you, but just as love comes in different shapes and forms, we had to break down exactly the different forms this love takes.

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The Best Wellness Products For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

By Cos Bar 29 days ago No comments

It’s unbelievable how we’re nearly a whole month into 2019. Reality is starting to kick in that it’s a brand new year and we need to be more in tune with our wellness. It’s not enough to eat a salad every once in a while. We need real wellness boosters that will help our mind, body, and soul. And if it helps us look better, then why not? You can put as much makeup and skincare as you want but if your insides aren’t in good shape, your skin never will be. Read on to see our beauty specialists (more like beauty experts, really) share their top favorite wellness products that are just as delicious and beautiful as they are effective.

Skincare Hacks from Doctor Rogers

By Cos Bar 1 month ago 1 comment

We had the privilege of chatting with the founder behind the Doctor Rogers brand, Doctor Heather Rogers herself! Read on to see the inspiration behind the brand and the crazy hacks we could use the RESTORE Healing Balm.

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Insider Tips for Beautiful Skin

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True beauty starts by freeing your mind, body, and soul. But of course, great skincare helps too! Everyone takes care of their skin differently, we searched high and low to get the best, most universal advice that everyone will benefit from taking! Here are a few of our favorite brand founders and ambassadors sharing their top skincare tips for beautiful skin.

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Tips & Tricks for Your Best NYE Look

By Cos Bar 2 months ago No comments

Crazy, amazing, unbelievable, roller-coaster ride. These are perhaps the most appropriate words to describe 2018. It’s hard to believe that we are finally closing this chapter and starting anew. Roll in the resolutions, goals, and dreams for 2019 because we’re never looking back. And what better way to celebrate than with a glamorous look for the party to end all parties. We’ve gathered inspiration from the beautiful Felicity Jones, brand ambassador of one of our favorite and ultra-luxurious brands, Clé de Peau Beauté. We’re breaking down the exact products she used to achieve this radiant and sophisticated evening look, perfect for any New Year’s Eve party!

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