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Skincare Hacks from Doctor Rogers

By Cos Bar 1 month ago 1 comment

We had the privilege of chatting with the founder behind the Doctor Rogers brand, Doctor Heather Rogers herself! Read on to see the inspiration behind the brand and the crazy hacks we could use the RESTORE Healing Balm.

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Catching up with Doctor Rogers, founder of RESTORE

By Cos Bar 8 months ago

Everybody longs for a do-it-all product- and good ones are hard to find! We’re talking products that can heal burns, tame brows, and much, much more! Dermatologists and medical professionals are no exception to this search, but there's a fine line between safe products and effective products. Doctor Heather Rogers, a Seattle-based Dermatologist, was sick of using subpar products, so she set out to create her own hero. That’s how RESTORE by Doctor Rogers was born!

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