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Cos & Effect: A Serum for Every Occasion

By Cos Bar 6 months ago

Great success starts with great skincare. While you are saving the world one hectic day at a time, your skin is fighting its own battles against the environment, diet and aging (to name a few). We recognize the importance of time-efficiency and have asked Ilona from our Edwards store to share her secret weapon serums that will effortlessly fit into your routine while providing essential protection for daily and long-term results!

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Cos & Effect: Time-saving beauty tips

By Cos Bar 8 months ago

Does this sound familiar? Your alarm goes off and you “literally just can’t even” this morning, so you hit the snooze button a few too many times. We’re all guilty! Sometimes you’re pressed for time, wake up late, or you’re just too busy- but no one wants to look like they’re lacking on their beauty rest! This week on Cos & Effect, Store Manager Amber, from our Wailea location, is sharing a few get-ready-quick products and tips on how to save time on the days you only have a few minutes! So don’t worry, hit snooze at least once.

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