About the brand

MMXV INFINITUDE is a new American brand with a sophisticated European culture.

It is the first product of The Mitani Group whose corporate ambition is no less than to lead the entire cosmetics industry. Infinitude really is that good.

Mitani Group founder Mirela Mitan’s, (PhD in Biochemsitry) credentials are based in original academic research, followed by essential practical experience in the most loved and exclusive skincare labs where she assessed (and became determined to beat) the competition.

Infinitude’s technology is the very best, enhanced by Dr Mitan’s personal passion for authenticity and tradition. Infinitude is a revolution.

It is a single product whose multiple uses make old skincare regimes redundant. Infinitude is all you need before make-up. Ever. And it works for everyone at any age with any skin type. Soon, more products will be launched by The Mitani Group, each as radical as its predecessor. Dr Mitan says “My aim is simple. I want to change the way we think about skincare”. That’s a big and ambitious claim, but that’s how you become an industry leader.


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