About the brand

Los-Angeles based dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer has treated over 30,000 patients, including the world’s most beautiful and recognizable faces. Lancer’s unparalleled understanding of aging skin inspired his signature product line designed to improve skin’s overall health and leave it with the legendary “Lancer Glow”.

The Lancer Method, the core of Dr. Lancer’s philosophy, is based on a biological principle universal to all skin: the cellular cycle of renewal. By devising a system that supports this process through manual exfoliation, Dr. Lancer was able to create a unique anti-aging line that delivers beautiful, glowing results to all types of skin. The three steps of The Lancer Method dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, texture, discoloration, and pore size.

Using his unrivaled clinical experience, Dr. Lancer also formulated a line of technically-advanced, targeted treatments to partner with and further enhance the results of The Method. The Lancer Skincare Advanced Treatments provide the maximum efficacy and targeted results demanded by his global patients and clients, imparting the sought-after ‘Lancer Glow.’


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